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    Building a Secure IT Infrastructure: A Guide to Reorganising and Rebuilding with iSeries AS400 in India

    Secure IT Infrastructure

    As of today, all of the organizational aspects are being improved by the technologies. You need to make sure of the fact that the company’s IT infrastructure is updated and networked efficiently. Organizations need to improve the efficiencies of IT infrastructure management and boost productivity within the organization. 

    With the right set of maintenance, support, and management, the reorganizing and rebuilding tactics of the IT infrastructure will do wonders. In this article, you will get an insight into how building a secure IT infrastructure is of utmost importance for businesses. Following that, this article will also help you understand how iSeries AS400 in India will be helpful for the purpose. 

    Tips On Building A Secure IT Infrastructure

    At Megamax, we understand the importance of protecting your IT infrastructure and keeping it in a functional state to meet organizational needs. Therefore, if you intend to build a secure IT infrastructure, then here are some of the tips that we suggest for you to count on:

    1. Limit the User Accessibility to the Business Networks

    You ought to control the accessibility to secure your organization’s network. You must limit the number of users who can access, read or download critical business data. Thus, only you should have the power to allow specific people to access the network. No one else should have the power to bypass the security. 

    To implement this attribute, you can consider giving highly protected authorization credentials to select team members. This way, you can reduce the risk of unwanted people accessing your business information. Thus, the chances of a data breach within your IT infrastructure will be minimized. 

    Moreover, you can install retinal scanners, and fingerprint scanners, integrate two-factor authentication, embed facial recognition, and others to add more limitations to business network accessibility. 

    2. Install the Important Cybersecurity Tools

    In this digital era, many of your business activities are being operated over digital platforms. Thus, businesses need a strong cybersecurity system within the IT infrastructure. It will help your business repel potential cyber-attacks, saving your critical business data. 

    You can use many tools to help your organizational system detect, respond, and recover from cyber-attacks. You ought to install patches, keep the system updated and ensure reliable measures are implemented to keep your system secure. 

    3. Promote Security Awareness Training For the Employees

    Your employees should know your efforts toward developing a secure IT infrastructure. Without proper awareness of what an employee should do or avoid, the chances of data breaches increase immensely. Technology failure might not be the only reason for data breaches, as hackers are using pretexting, scareware, and phishing practices to steal the identity and credentials of employees to gain access to your organizational system. 

    Therefore, it becomes important for you to invest in training your employees with organizational security aspects. Educate them on cyber threats and how they impact the business. Guide them with ways through which they can prevent themselves from such attacks. 

    4. Establish Strong IT Policies

    Apart from all secured measures, you should also encourage the participation of your employees in safeguarding the security policies of your IT infrastructure. With this, you can ensure your business data is secured alongside the organization’s network. 

    Some of the regulations that you can establish to implement solid IT policies are:

    • Prohibiting the employees from downloading any unwanted app or software over the business system. 
    • Protect important data with strong passwords.
    • Adhere to all of the data and network encryption standards
    • Reporting any possible security threats. 
    • Using IT systems and tools responsibly.

    5. Invest in Better Storage Solutions

    Some business owners use just physical servers to store their crucial business data. But, they ignore the fact that physical servers are not completely resistant to unauthorized access or natural disasters. 

    Therefore, in pursuit of rebuilding and reorganizing your IT infrastructure, you should switch to cloud storage solutions for your business data. 

    Megamax Services Will Enlighten You With the Role of iSeries AS400 in India For Reorganising and Rebuilding Your IT Infrastructure

    iSeries AS400 in India, by IBM, is most popularly used as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system or implemented as a database management solution. Megamax Services is partnered with IBM PartnerWorld Program to provide you with the AS/400 managed services. 

    We provide management, security, and process execution to ensure your business environment is well-optimized to meet your goals or milestones. Our team of astounding experts is highly experienced in handling the IBM I infrastructure environments. 

    By integrating the iSeries AS400, you will adopt reliability, modernity, compatibility, scalability, and security features onto your IT infrastructure. Some of the common functionalities you can implement for your business system with iSeries AS400 in India are:

    • Remote monitoring
    • Remote administration
    • Full IBMi environment review
    • Private Hosted cloud
    • IBMi Security
    • IBMi Backup and Recovery, etc. 

    But, to ensure these functionalities are implemented, utilized, and maintained correctly, you must adopt maintenance and management efforts.

    And this is where Megamax Services come in! We will help you with IBM iSeries AS/400 managed services. In this, we will offer you system management, hosting, monitoring, hardware sales, legacy AS/400 hosting, system recovery & data protection. 

    Following that, we also offer impeccable business software solutions, such as application modernization, IT consultation, custom programming, and other services to help you scale your business to the next level. 


    So, this is how an optimized IT infrastructure will help you reduce downtime for your business system. Not just that, but rebuilding or reorganizing the infrastructure will also reduce your overall maintenance efforts, enhance security and speed up the response times. 

    The need for it is inevitable because the loads being imposed on the operational systems of your business are continually rising. And to cope with the rising demands and business needs, you will need professional help to enhance your current organizational approaches. Thus, get in touch with our team of consultants, and they shall help you with the right advice on what your existing IT infrastructure needs to scale up quickly. 

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