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    Cloud Integration Services and AS/400 Support in India: An Introduction


    Every business has various needs and requirements. This is the reason they use different platforms and services to work on. That’s why cloud integration is required because managing all those resources and services differently can be complicated.

    What is Cloud Integration?

    Cloud Integration is a process of integrating or bringing together multiple cloud environments to create one large IT infrastructure so that it can work as a single comprehensible system.

    Cloud systems can be either a public cloud or hybrid cloud deploy both can be integrated to work as one whole IT infrastructure for the enterprise. Once the systems are combined, all the data and integrated cloud services can be accessed by multiple devices over a single network or internet.

    Why Do You Need Cloud Integration?

    Cloud integration was discovered to reduce data silos, improve the productivity of the companies, establish better connectivity and visibility throughout the organization, and reduce the time required for processing data.

    Companies with no cloud integration required to switch between platforms and services for carrying out day-to-day operations. This results in poor work performance and takes more than usual time to complete tasks. 

    As the use of SaaS(Software as a Service), mobile applications, and APIs are increasing, the popularity of cloud integration is gaining popularity too. 

    More businesses are adopting the mix of hybrid cloud integration and SaaS on-premise applications for a seamless workflow of data and accelerated transactions across the organization.

    Benefits of Cloud Integration:

    • Improves the efficiency of the organizational operations.
    • Increase work flexibility and scalability.
    • With real-time data sharing, it helps in providing faster customer services.
    • Improves customer satisfaction and retention. 
    • Reduces the time and cost of operations.

    Forms of Cloud Integration Services:

    As the requirements and work processes of every business are different, their need for integrated services varies too. Some of the usual Cloud integration services forms are:

    • Data Integration: Organizations store their data on various storage platforms. Some organizational data might be on cloud storage while some at on-premise data infrastructure. 

    With a cloud-based data integration service, all the data stored in multiple storage platforms are connected and synchronized to be processed, transferred, and transformed across the organization.

    • Application Integration: Businesses may use different applications for different functions. Some applications may be used for marketing and services while others may be used for creating apps. Cloud-based application integration provides the connection between these apps and gives interoperability so that they can share the same command and processes.

    Cloud Integration is a complex process and requires understanding the need of the business. The IT expert should understand the functionality of the organization and then architect the integrated cloud structure to support its workflow. 

    Megamax Services has a team of IT experts who understands your unique needs for cloud integration and help you set up the IT infrastructure which ensures a smooth workflow without any hurdles.

    AS/400 Support in India : A Short Note

     For the past 25 years, the SAP and IBMi collaboratively have been able to give high-level system performance and reliability. SAP running on AS/400(IBMi) system has been popular across different organizations for carrying out their everyday operations.

    But as the AS/400 system is aging, it has become essential for companies to have proper maintenance for their systems, it’s important to have regular monitoring, data protection, and system management.

    Megamax Services has skilled and well-experienced professionals with knowledge and understanding of monitoring, maintaining SAP on AS/400 systems. Being the IBM Managed Service Provider, we can assure you the best in class data protection and system management services. 

    Megamax is among the top managed service providers of AS/400 support in India. We excel at providing customer satisfaction. Our IBMi support service includes:

    • Backing up data from remote servers to disk.
    • Testing for system recovery and remote recovery.
    • Hosting production and target system management.
    • Legacy data hosting.

    All about iSeries Support in India 

    IBM iSeries is the most used and popular platform used across different industries. Even though it’s one of the most dependable systems available out there for running your business, it’s still recommendable to have backup and support services for your IBMi system.

    Megamax services provide flexible maintenance and support services specially customized to fit your organization’s needs. Our experienced professional team makes sure of the continuity of your operations within your existing iSeries system.

    We provide fast, flexible, and experienced iSeries support in India. With a broad base of knowledge and experience in the iSeries platform, we offer a range of services such as hosting center infrastructure, bandwidth, hardware, and expertise in AS/400 application software.

    Our iSeries Support includes the following services:

    IBMi (a.k.a. AS/400) Managed Services:

    • Hosting and monitoring your system.
    • System management.
    • AS/400 Legacy Data Hosting.
    • System recovery and Data Protection.
    • IBM hardware sales.

    IBMi (a.k.a. AS/400) Business Software Solutions:

    • Modernizing the old application.
    • Barcoding and Data collection automation.
    • IT consultation services.
    • Customized Support and programming according to your business needs.

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