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    Dev Ops

    Meet your business demands leveraging the Megamax Connected DevOps toolchain

    The emergence of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud has compelled IT to effectively deliver services to organizations and their customers. 

    The choice of hyper-scale cloud will drive interest in DevOps over the next five years, outpacing agile adoption. Adding AWS and Microsoft Azure to the trends shows a boom in cloud technologies. DevOps will ride the waves. 

    Megamax’s offered services enable an organization to achieve a connected DevOps toolchain for end-to-end application release. Doing so helps in enabling reliable releases and a shorter time to market. Using innovative technologies across each toolchain layer, we provide comprehensive capabilities in application release management, release automation, and continuous deployment.

    Proven industry products for a world-class DevOps solution

    In a modern DevOps culture, development and IT team collaborate to boost delivery and productivity. The leading DevOps organizations know that DevOps will never come to an end and they continuously seek new areas of efficiency. Using DevOps as a launchpad, these organizations often become industry leaders.

    Megamax DevOps solutions address the next decade of DevOps strategically, including development, IT, and business divisions. We tailor a DevOps solution to your organization based on a comprehensive solution set. So, you can relax knowing you have the right tools and the best DevOps specialists on your side. 

    With a product-centric value delivery approach, we take an end-to-end view of the value chain. Our value stream management and customer experience design expertise enable clients to re-imagine their customer journeys and organize for value. Our Agile and DevOps services, augmented with a data-first live engineering approach are adapted for the heterogeneous enterprise. Moreover, our holistic Enterprise Agile DevOps capabilities aid infuses agility across the value stream.