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    Industry 4.0

    A comprehensive engineering solution for IoT adoption— from sensors, connectivity, edge processing, storage, and analytics to system integration 

    With the intro of industry 4.0, there has been ever more space for the collection and analysis of data across equipment. It allows for efficient and faster processes that result in the production of higher-quality goods at lower prices.

    Planning and data analysis is the need for organizations to be resilient and agile in these exceptional times. Megamax’s comprehensive solutions help businesses in integrating processes, products, and infrastructure. In addition to improving company transparency and quality, these solutions also lower operational costs.

    Megamax’s IoT solutions connect ‘old’ and ‘new’ items. The framework combines multiple protocols to support IoT at the edge and send data to backend services.

    A billion devices that are in connection to the internet create tremendous data. The Internet of Things (IoT) allows data to be mobilized and used to solve real-world problems. IoT can improve human life, business decision-making, and provide pre-emptive services to prevent catastrophes. It also helps consumers, businesses, and governments, making it a “hard to ignore” technology.

    Every day, Megamax aims to improve people’s lives and businesses. It is achieved by enhancing system intelligence and inventing products that make our environment more convenient, safe and sustainable. We enable new services and features for smart connected goods and provide new revenue streams for OEMs. With IoT, consumers can now obtain improved products, tailored services, and value-based pricing straight from manufacturers or service providers.

    Taking use of ‘IoT-as-a-service’ would help organizations better serve customers and manage operations.

    Megamax combines engineering, domain, and IT experience to give end-to-end IoT services including consultancy, system integration, technological services, platforms, and support. We provide reliable, secure, and scalable solutions that can seamlessly connect with enterprise architectures. We integrate sensors, networks, AI, analytics, cloud, and mobile applications to provide relevant and tailored solutions for our clients. Deploying IoT services requires an extensive understanding of new technologies like blockchain, 5G, mixed reality, and AI. Our objective is to assist businesses to adapt to shifting market demands and succeed in a disruptive world.

    As an ecosystem integrator, we leverage Microsoft, AWS, sensor and device partners, academia, and industry forums. We assist clients to embark on the digitalization path by offering ready-to-use industry solutions, frameworks, methodologies, R&D, and co-creation opportunities with the IoT Living Labs. 

    Megamax develops human-centric IoT solutions that drive the adoption of IoT to build a smarter, safer, and better world.