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    Integrating Quality Engineering for IT Excellence and Business Operations

    IT Excellence

    Technology is now booming at an immensely faster pace, and the world is currently conducting businesses to enhance the experience of the end consumers. The entire IT infrastructure management practices at various organizations are being redirected with an intention to make the value delivery centered around product quality with IT Excellence.

    For you to understand the concept, you must know that product-centric delivery doesn’t focus much on the products themselves but the value that goes along with it. When this concept is put into practice, the services or capabilities are implemented by multiple business lines altogether.

    These business lines tend to be grouped together in order to derive end-to-end journeys. Keeping that in mind, let’s take this article further to help you understand the importance of quality engineering in terms of managing operations and delivering value-centered product quality.

    What is Product-Centric Value Delivery?

    It is a specific operational model for the organizational abilities towards handling systems, people, workflow and value flow while keeping the product or the associated platform at the core of the thinking efforts. The idea of product-centric value delivery is to transform the entire operating model in association with the three key dimensions.

    The three key elements that define value delivery and infrastructure management centered on product quality are:

    Value Organization

    This signifies that you must align all your business objectives to make them relevant to the entire team, who are assigned to use the specific operational frameworks of the company. You must then reimagine journeys that customers take alongside your business and add new value streams to scale the experience or value creation.

    Take the help of the human-experience designers, and attaining value organization will be easier! Following that, you must also redefine the core technology or business capabilities as the platforms or products by using a focused strategy in alignment with the business solutions. Take the help of specialists with skills such as product management to attain the same.

    In the next stage, you must enable significantly layered innovation through re-bundling of the core technology solutions. It is to help you create dedicated platforms for enhanced speed or efficiency alongside the enterprise architects. Re-organise your entire team and make them serious about the products and value streams. This will help you integrate the business or technology with an optimal team topology.

    Value Flow

    Under this dimension of consideration, you must instill ownership and accountability within the teams, including the business partners. You must keep a constant tab on the value flow, and you can do that by using a data-centric approach towards implementing quality engineering using AI for software development and advanced analytics.

    This will help you derive predictable data and gain real-time information on the value stream progress for the product. Thus, you can then seek management or improvement efforts to enhance the value of the product before it is ready to be delivered.

    Speed of Achieving Value

    Let the quality engineering teams implement full-stack efforts to amplify the technological benefits by using accelerators or platforms within the cloud. AI & Analytics, API/microservices or modernization are a few areas that should receive the technical agility for speeding up the pathway to achieve product-centric value.

    You must then be able to enable the built-in reliability and observability through the dedicated infrastructure management capabilities. You can take the IBM iSeries support in India, which will help you support your mission-critical applications within the business by helping you host various OS.

    With the use of iSeries for your infrastructure management and conducting business operations, you will be one step closer to winning over the product-centric value delivery concept! To add to the efficacy, you can promote more product thinking with your teams and use the various learning programs or workshops to get better insights.

    What are the Problems Associated with Project-Based Deliveries?

    Agile adoption is quite common in most large-scale IT Excellence companies or departments. However, the business operations on one end have been lagging for a long time. The operating units haven’t yet accepted product-centric behaviors so far. Due to this, they are now having fragmented siloes or value chains, which will make it complex for you to realize if you can achieve the expected business outcome or user-experience quotient.

    Upon running the research, it is found that the incumbent businesses have specified cross-functional collaboration as the primary concern, as it reduces their potential to support quick innovation. However, the major problem with the companies is they are struggling to stay far away from the project-based implementations. As a result, they are sticking to the slower legacy thinking and are using analog processes on priority.

    With the project-based model, the managers will be given tasks of completing their delivery within a specific budget and time. In accordance with that, the initiatives are then divided into various projects, which will be delivered independently. Hence, this will lead you to a limited understanding of the underlying problem that you would intend to solve for your delivery. As the objectives will be misaligned for you, the project teams won’t be able to pivot faster in case the customers are not in favor of the product or if the growth gets hindered.

    There will be a need for an entirely new product strategy, and the project-based delivery model isn’t proficient enough to help you with the needful.

    How is Product-Centric Value Delivery A Solution?

    The product-centric value delivery concept is a winning solution to the problems associated with project-based deliveries.

    For you to understand, product-centric value delivery is more like a mindset change that demands you to think more strategically. The organizations that have implemented this model have attained amazing success. This approach enables you to implement customer-centricity throughout the value chain and helps you with the ability to build innovative or effective products within the chosen market.

    These firms that understand the adoption of a product-centric value approach have agile teams aligned to achieve the overarching vision or purpose. Every pod or unit that is being delivered with this approach will replicate enough business value. Moreover, such companies can also achieve the required value faster and will be able to set themselves on a correct course whenever they feel the necessity. Thus, it will further help them to scale their innovation capabilities.

    Some of the benefits associated with product-centric value delivery are:

    • You will be in tune with the wider market.
    • Compose the enterprise vision.
    • Foster the innovation or experimentation culture.
    • Implement IT Excellence as a powerful force within the business.
    • Create new business models.
    • You will be operating like a digital startup.

    Megamax Services Offers You the Convenience of Scaling Your IT Infrastructure Management and Adopting the Product-Centric Value Delivery Model!

    Megamax Services is the one-stop hub that provides you with the flexibility of implementing IBM iSeries solutions and also provides you with associated service benefits to adopt a product-centric value delivery model.

    Switching from a project-based to a product-based delivery approach might seem complex at first. But, with the right expertise and tools at your back, your IT Excellence department, alongside other workforce, can direct the operations in a positive pathway to achieve the end goals.

    In this way, your business will be able to produce products that interest the customers or clients. Thus, adopting the recent delivery model will bring in more scalability quotients for your business.

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