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    iSeries and Mainframe Services

    Megamax Services, as an IBM Managed Service Provider, has the knowledge and experience to provide around-the-clock system management, monitoring, administration, and data protection services for your SAP implementation on the IBM i (a.k.a. AS/400, iSeries) platform. For the past several years, Megamax services have worked with the IBM SAP Competency Team out of Rochester, MN to deliver state-of-the-art SAP configurations for the IBM i (a.k.a. AS/400) platform. In addition to new system sizing and configurations, our solution portfolio includes:

    • Remote to Disk Backup Service (eliminate tape backups)
    • System Recovery and Remote Recovery Testing
    • Dedicated Replicated Systems with High Availability Data Protection
    • Production and Target System Management and Hosting
    • Legacy Data Hosting – short and long term plans available

    In the modern computing environment, mainframe and IBM i (AS/400) systems remain valuable assets for many enterprises. Besides it, they address certain challenges. These include inflexibility, high costs, and a lack of capabilities.

    The mainframe is regarded as powerful, secure, and financially intelligent, and is unparalleled in terms of unwavering quality and consistency. The money-saving advantage defense of mainframe systems is frequently jeopardized when an application’s handling utilization increases. It can also happen when the reaction time of the mainframe does not meet the client’s requirement in real-time.

    The mainframe should be scalable for rapid enterprise expansion and peak operational loads. Certain organizations perceive mainframe maintenance as a cost-intensive process. With the advent of cloud-based services, the mainframe can initially be expensive. Increasing regulatory requirements have made business continuity more difficult. Another issue is the lack of technicians skilled in new generation mainframe technology.

    However, AS/400 mainframe is still the gold standard of reliability and security. Organizations still rely on these technologies for data processing.

    Megamax’s AS/400 operating system and Mainframe Services help customers to maximize current resources. Our offering combines AS/400 mainframe experience with operational competence. We ensure strong mainframe governance and continuously improve essential procedures.

    Our alliances with industry leaders ensure optimal software and human performance. 

    Our Mainframe Services can help enterprises achieve the following:

    • Less expensive to Own (TCO)
    • Greater utility provisioning responsiveness
    • Reduced risk and increased efficiency
    • Improvements in service quality and process efficiency
    • We offer multiple IBM I (AS/400) server recovery alternatives. Each one provides a dedicated recovery service to your company. It is needed to declare a disaster due to an unplanned system outage. Let us design a right-sized business continuity solution for your IBM I (AS/400).