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    Robust Iseries and Mainframe Services from Megamax

    Are you facing challenges in Mainframe services management? You are not able to cope with the cost fluctuations and shortage of skills? With the quick enterprise growth and the ever-increasing operational loads, mainframes must be scalable. For complete Iseries and Mainframe Services connect with Megamax services.

    Overcome the business challenges by opting for the Megamax Iseries and Mainframe Services:


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    You may be facing a plethora of business challenges like issues in platform management. Or you may need the best business continuity services or you may have queries about managed co-location services.

    For all your Iseries and Mainframe Services requirements all that you need to do is connect with Megamax Services right away. Visit the official website to chat with our experts or simply drop an email.


    Mainframe Services

    Are you dependent on the Mainframe framework for your organization’s mission-critical applications? In that case, the Mainframe is the backbone of your organization.

    Mainframe Services


    We provide multiple system recovery options for IBM i (a.k.a. AS/400) servers. Each will provide your company with our expert and dedicated recovery service, should you need to declare a disaster due to an unplanned system outage.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of iSeries server services do you offer?

    We do sizing based on existing workloads of IBM i based on CPW and I/O and suggest the right sized machine for hosting IBM i and we are professionally managing all the LPP and Third parties tool running and supporting on IBM i Platforms, we have professionals who can cater end to end services for all major migrations and buying decisions based on the existing and expected growth of the IBM i environments to deliver this we use predictive modeling for Data Centers and we also reduce the Carbon foot prints by suggesting the right size machines for IBM i. We offer extensive support and services for all the backup, Disaster Recovery, High availability, and Monitoring tools.

    Can you provide more details about your expertise in managing and maintaining iSeries systems?

    IBM iSeries can be hosted on IBM Power Machine and we are specialized in supporting entire Power Family Portfolio available as of now From Power 10 to n-2 Series of IBM Power Machine, Power 10 Enterprise Machines MTM:9043-MRX (E1050) and MTM:9080-HEX (E1080) and IBM Power 10 Scale out Family Machines MTM: 9105-41B (S1014), MTM: 9105-22A (S1022), MTM: 9105-22B (S1022s) and MTM: 9105-42A(S1024) except E1050 Power 10 Machines in all IBM Power 10 Machines IBM i can be hosted. The IBM i License cost is very high so we make sure to utilize the existing licenses by using License Transfer from IBM and help the business to take decisions for S/W like Power VM, Power SC, Power VC based on the actual requirements.

    How do you ensure the optimal performance and availability of iSeries servers?

    When we are planning for performance, we need to take into account the project plan, use cases, timing, hardware, and tracking efforts and based on IBM recommendation we fine tune the configuration on H/W level, make required changes in all application based data being run in IBM i and precisely monitor the pattern in peak hours and based on the usage pattern we decide how to maximize the usage of computing/ Processing power which is the most expensive resource we have in IBM i Environments we plan the DB2 usage by monitoring the temp and permanent usage of the machine accordingly we fine tune the pool if we see the usage and existing resource mismatches.

    Are your iSeries services tailored to meet specific business needs and industry requirements?

    We are expert in converting the business needs of IBM i in Feature codes available from IBM Power machine portfolio and that’s give an edge to us in delivering the precise solution based on business need.

    Do you offer assistance in system upgrades and migration to newer iSeries platforms?

    We offer the comprehensive assistance by right sizing which helps in making buying decisions, By analyzing the existing IBM i workload considering the future growth if any and we assist in the business to plan upgrade and migrations for best available/Suitable Power machines.

    Can you handle data backup and disaster recovery for iSeries environments?

    We manage Data Backup and Disaster recovery from configuration/Installation to Delivery and suggest the best suited tool based on existing workload, our professional do an extensive analysis of the existing workload and plan the backup and DR accordingly.

    What level of security measures do you implement to protect iSeries data and applications?

    As we follow the IBM guidelines which clearly says security does not end with protecting the server and managing access to assets that are stored on the system, A complete security implementation needs to include not only system level security, but also network level security and transaction level security and we do the same.

    Do you offer 24/7 monitoring and support for iSeries servers?

    Yes, we have a professional team who monitor and support the IBM i Series workloads.

    Can you help optimize the performance of existing iSeries applications and workflows?

    We fine tune the configurations of all installed applications and analyze the DB2 usage to make decisions for getting the optimum performance from the existing and available resources.

    Are your iSeries services compliant with industry standards and regulations?

    We are a registered business entity, and we offer the services which are industry compliant and follow the cyber law of land based on the operation geography for which we are offering the solutions/services.

    Do you support IBMi legacy systems?

    Yes, we offer support for IBM legacy systems. Our team of experts is well-versed in handling these systems and offer a range of services to ensure their smooth operation and maintenance.

    Can we run open source software on IBMi?

    Yes, IBM provide option to install and run various open source technologies on it.

    What programming languages are supported on IBMi?

    IBM supports COBOL, RPG, CL(Control Language), Java, C, C+++, Python, PHP and many more languages.

    What is the future of IBM AS400?

    The future of IBMi is bright and promising. IBM is continuously investing in its development and provided regular updates and enhancements. The user community of IBMi remains strong with many organizations relying on the platform for critical business applications and data and management.

    What are the key features of IBMi?

    IBM comes with a range of powerful features including an integrated database (IBM DB2), advance security capabilities, support for multiple languages and seamless integration with other IBM technologies.

    What is the latest OS version released by IBMi?

    Version 7.5 is the latest OS released on 10th May 2022.

    What is technology refresh in IBMi?

    It’s a refresh of the software of a base release which adds following features.
    New Function activation.
    Support for new hardware and firmware
    support for new virtualization functions
    Performance improvements

    Can we migrate on-prem AS400 to the cloud?

    Yes, it is possible to migrate AS400 to the cloud.

    Do we support cloud migration of AS400 servers?

    Absolutely, we have extensive experience and expertise in helping businesses migrate their data, application and infrastructure to the cloud.

    What is the difference between IBMi and Mainframe?

    IBMi and Mainframe are both computing platform offered by IBM , but they have distinct differences in terms of their architecture, operating systems, use cases and target markets.

    What kind of businesses can be benefitted from IBMi?

    IBMi is well suited for a wide range of business, specially those that require high reliability and data integrity. It is commonly used

    What are the advantages of running our application on IBMi?

    IBMi provides advantages like ease of use, simplified management, robust security feature, seamless integration with existing application or other applications etc.

    Is IBMi secure for hosting sensitive data?

    Yes, IBMi is known for its robust security features, including built-in encryption, access control, making it suitable for hosting sensitive data and meeting compliance requirements.

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