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    Need for IT services in Healthcare. And How to Strengthen IT in Healthcare?

    IT in healthcare

    It is undebatable how much technology has improved the lives of human beings, especially in the healthcare sector. Technological advancements and IT improvements have led to an increase in the life expectancy of human beings. But there is also an increase in cyberattacks on the healthcare system. Hence the need for strengthening IT in the healthcare system is at an all-time high.

    Need for IT services in Healthcare:

    A good healthcare system and infrastructure are assumed to be the lifeline of any country. And we saw an example of this during the COVID pandemic.

    Now imagine a situation in which a country, during the pandemic, when its healthcare facilities are already overwhelmed, gets cyberattack on the healthcare system.

    Sounds horrific, Right!!!

    The digital transformation in healthcare has improved the way of processing clinical data, improved the response time to emergencies, and has also improved tracking and reporting. All of these have greatly contributed to saving many precious lives.

    But this transformation has also made the health sector vulnerable to cyberattacks.

    Hence, the need for strengthening the IT services in the healthcare sector has increased gradually.

    Having the right IT service provider will help your medical facility to fully utilize the benefits of Information Technology in healthcare.

    Megamax’s IT services can help your medical facility to operate effectively without any errors, work within the framework of regulations, quickly recover from unexpected disasters, along with security and protection from cyberattacks.

    Our EHR (Electronic Health Records) system will assist your staff to record crucial data about patients’ health and share those data with other health care providers seamlessly.

    How to reduce the risk of cyberattacks on Healthcare IT Infrastructure:

    In other commercial sectors, such as the financial sector, the issue of cyberattacks is something that they have been tackling for decades, hence they have invested in cyber security and established some laws and policies.

    Whereas in the healthcare sector, the focus on cyber security is very low and due to cost constraints, very little amount of resources are invested in cybersecurity.

    Some steps to reduce the risk of cyberattack are as follows:

    • Securing the connected devices.
    • Establishing authentication and security policies for ownership management.
    • Enabling secure data encryptions.
    • Integrating networks into sub-physical components.
    • Network management automation.

    How to Strengthen IT in Healthcare:

    The IT services in health care needs to be strong and secure, here are some steps to strengthen IT in the Healthcare sector:

    • Analyze your security status:-  Security breaches in the healthcare sector can cause major disasters. Hence, a timely security status check is important. Analyze your IT infrastructure and detect any weak sectors which can be easily hacked for cyber attacks.

    This practice can help you stay updated with your security status and avoid cyber attackers from gaining access to valuable data like patients’ social security data; bank account credits Card details or even medical records.

    • Conduct IT Inspection:- Inspecting your current IT infrastructure will help you locate the potholes in the system. Being a professional IT service provider Megamax helps you to identify the weak sectors of your existing architecture and provides you with the plan to strengthen those sectors.
    • Consult Expert Strategists:- Expert strategists will study your organization and its needs. They will determine the potential threads on your security systems and then based on their knowledge and experience, they provide you with plans and methods specifically designed for your organization’s requirements and solve critical healthcare problems.

    System Recovery and Data protection for Windows:-

     In this digital age where everything is stored in digital devices or hardware. Loss of data could cause you some serious issues.

    Losing valuable data due to a system failure or any other hardware problems can lead to a critical crisis for any organization and maybe cost them a fortune.

    Hence, because of this, it’s always advised to have a well-maintained backup and restoration plan.

    Megamax Services offers different options for organizations to choose from, for their system recovery plan and backups.

    Megamax offers services both at Windows and Linux servers to ensure the security of your data and seamless workflow.

    Some of the System Recovery and Data protection Services we offer are:

    Disk Backup and Recovery with EVault:

    Disk backups and recovery services use WAN optimized data transfer, end-to-end encryption, and single-pass restore along with secondary data backup at EVault.


    • Fast Data recovery within hours.
    • Eliminate offsite storage costs.
    • Fully managed disk to disk backup solution.
    • Secondary data backup at EVault.

    Disk to Disk backup with double-take Recover Now:

    This is a faster and more reliable way of backing up your organization’s data than a traditional tape media recovery method.

    This backup and recovery service ensures continuous data replication and updates the copies of critical data to servers with Double-Take RecoverNow technology.


    • Ensures data recovery in less than 24 hours.
    • Continuous data backup updates and protection.
    • Any point in time recovery option.
    • Full server backup and recovery service.

    High Availability System Protection (HA) with Double-Take Availability:

    This is an advanced recovery and data protection service with the option of recovering an entire windows server on demand.

    Double-Take availability ensures the continued protection and recovery of the entire operating system server including its apps and data in case of any system failure or other issues.


    • No to minimum data loss.
    • Continuous data backup updates and protection.
    • On-Demand recovery of entire windows.

    SAP on IBMi in India:-

    For the past 25 years, the SAP and IBMi collaboratively have been able to give high-level system performance and reliability. SAP running on AS/400(IBMi) systems has been popular across different organizations for carrying out their everyday operations.

    But as the IBMi series system is aging, it has become essential for companies to have proper maintenance for their systems, it’s important to have regular monitoring, data protection, and system management.

    Megamax Services has skilled and well-experienced professionals with knowledge and understanding of monitoring, maintaining SAP on IBMi systems in India.

    Being the IBM Managed Service Provider, we can assure you the best in class data protection and system management services.

    Megamax is among the top managed service providers of IBMi series support in India. We excel at providing customer satisfaction. Our IBMi support service includes:

    • Backing up data from remote servers to disk.
    • Testing for system recovery and remote recovery.
    • Hosting production and target system management.
    • Legacy data hosting.

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