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    Renewable Energy Services & Solutions

    We are making India and the entire world more sustainable with the adoption of renewable energy that reduces global warming threats and increasing pollution. With many years of experience in the renewable energy sector, we are equipped with an array of solutions that lead the world’s switch to a clean and green energy future.

    Since the day of our establishment, we have improved energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas intensity by a significant percentage. We have supplied and installed a wide range of renewable energy products and solutions designed for the unique needs of your residential and commercial requirements.

    Renewable Energy Services & Solutions

    Providing Future-Ready Renewable Energy Solutions

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    Providing Future-Ready Renewable Energy Solutions

    Platforms & Services


    Utility Scale Solar

    We are constantly becoming the leading choice of the increasing number of clients with a proven track record of utility-scale solar projects across the country. We are quickly evaluating and adapting to numerous technological advancements to allow every Indian residential and commercial building owner to go solar.


    Utility Scale Wind

    We have one of the largest portfolios of utility-scale wind energy projects across the nation. Wind farms produced a negligible amount of dangerous CO2. Our experts have deep domain expertise in providing strong quality solutions fully compliant with safety norms.


    Hybrid and Energy Storage

    To meet the increasing market demands and needs of customers, we started investing in energy storage systems in Hybrid projects. Our in-house team has all the essential skills and good relationships with leading manufacturers to let clients choose the right energy system.



    Renewable hydropower systems use the energy of water flowing from higher to lower scales. We have entered into the hydropower energy industry to provide innovative renewable solutions to our customers, especially for people living in remote areas.


    Floating Solar Power Plant

    Another important sector which we have invested in is the floating solar power plant. These systems can be easily installed on industrial pools, small lakes, and reservoirs. These plants have multiple solar panels mounted on a structure that floats on the water body.


    Operation and Maintenance

    Alongside system installation, we look after our client’s assets post-installation to ensure the system’s longevity and performance. With many years of experience in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of solar energy systems, we will let you rest assured about streamlined performance, increased profitability, and reduced operating and maintenance cost.

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    Megamax Solar

    Megamax Solar

    Megamax Solar is a professionally managed group engaged in providing services in solar sector.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is renewable energy?

    Renewable energy is a form of energy obtained from sources that are available in nature like water, wind, and sunlight. Power from these sources reduces carbon emissions, and global warming, and protects human health.

    What are the different types of clean and renewable energy sources?

    Wind power, solar power, hydrogen, geothermal power, biofuels, tidal power, and hydropower are the common types of renewable energy sources. All of these sources in nature can provide reliable energy in remote locations.

    What are the main benefits of renewable energy?

    Renewable energy provides numerous advantages like a freely available source of energy production which is available in abundance. These sources provide great energy access in developing areas. It helps in reducing monthly utility bills and also leads to higher job creation for the development, installation, and maintenance of renewable energy technologies.

    Is renewable energy cheaper?

    There is a misconception that renewable energy system installation is highly costly and can break the bank. Switching to this clean and green energy is not only an environmentally-conscious decision but economical also. Using renewable energy helps in saving a lot of monthly utility bills. Moreover, the Indian government is also providing multiple schemes and incentives to encourage the adoption of green energy.

    How much does renewable energy cost?

    Well, there is no specific answer to it. The cost may vary based on what type of renewable energy you will need. It also depends on some other factors like where you want to install the renewable energy systems, from which company you’re getting the services, your environmental conditions, and more.

    Do renewable energy systems cause pollution?

    All renewable energy systems generate almost no pollution during their production and usage (much less than traditional fossil fuel power systems). For example, solar power plants generate no harmful greenhouse gases during their operation.

    Who can use solar energy systems?

    Anyone can install solar energy systems and use solar power if they have the required space for the installation and enough sunlight for solar power production. There is also an option of community solar that allows more than one household to share the electricity produced by solar systems. Be sure to check the guidelines and regulations of your local community to avail of the incentives and other schemes.

    Which is the best renewable energy source?

    There is no specific type of renewable energy source that can be considered the best among all. That’s because the use highly depends on the location. Solar energy is best suited for areas that receive many hours of sunlight.

    Can renewable energy replace fossil fuels?

    Considering the need to save nature from global warming, it is expected that renewable energy has a bright future and will soon replace fossil fuels which cause greenhouse gas emissions. Oil and coal are present in a finite amount and will run out eventually in the future.

    Can I use renewable energy sources for my home?

    Most Indian places have sufficient renewable energy sources to meet residential power needs. Solar panels for households or solar rooftop systems can be installed on the residential rooftop without requiring purchasing a separate land. For more information about the use of specific renewable energy, contact your renewable energy solution provider.

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