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    We’ll serve customers, increase profits, and find new efficiencies.

    We’ve helped the world’s finest retailers transform how and where they deliver products to customers. When you work with us, you have a partner who can assist you identify high-impact improvement areas. Create systems that thrill and perform. And use the tools to make it happen. We’ll work together to create outstanding client experiences. Together, we’ll take back control of your supply chain and accelerate product development. We’ll also provide you with our network of nimble tech partners and our experience. Together, we can help you scale faster and make a bigger impact in the market.

    Retails & CPG

    Comprehensive digital CPG solutions

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    Comprehensive digital CPG solutions

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    Digital transformation at its best

    Are you aiming to improve customer experience and enhance customer engagement? Enhancing operational efficiency is topmost in your mind? Then it is time to take the benefit of Megamax IT services as we have proven expertise in this domain.


    Complete manufacturing and industrial IoT solutions

    Megamax IT services have proven expertise in providing customized IoT solutions for the CPG and retail sector. With our proficient services, the client can reinforce operations and this can also be a stepping stone to open more revenue-generating opportunities.


    Comprehensive Big Data Analytics solutions

    Monetization of customer and enterprise data is your priority? Then you need to explore Megamax IT services BI capabilities and Big Data Analytics solutions. Our experts have a comprehensive portfolio in this regard and can provide solutions based on your requirement.


    Analytics for retail footfall

    Get complete details about your current retail footfall and your predicted retail footfall with our analytics solutions. This data can do a world of good in-store operations planning as well personalized campaigns for the store.


    Tracking and control solution for franchisees

    To maintain the branding and operation standards consistency it is important to have solutions whereby you can track and control store ambiance etc of your franchisees. For this, you need to opt for Megamax tracking and control solutions.


    ERP strategy that suits your requirement

    Growth of your business is possible with improvisation in productivity and by providing the best customer service. Achieving this end is not an issue if you opt for Megamax IT services robust ERP services that can give a boost to your sales.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does the Retail and CPG industry require IT services?

    Megamax services provide solutions with the use of the latest technology to identify the high-impact improvement areas. We help retailers to increase their profit, serve customers better by maintaining control over the supply chain and accelerate production and product development.

    How does the digital transformation will help me??

    With Megamax digital transformation services you’ll be able to grow your business by improving operational efficiency which will enhance your customer experience and engagement.

    What is a customized IoT solution?

    Megamax team of experts is experienced in analyzing retail and CPG businesses and providing them with customized IoT solutions according to their requirements. We build the network of the latest technological devices that can reinforce your operations, provide proficient services and unlock new doors of opportunities.

    How can I monetize from customer data and enterprise data?

    Megamax offers big data analytics and Business intelligence capabilities that can analyze and compile big loads of data and present it in simple formats that can help you to understand it better and capitalize on it.

    Do you offer any solutions for franchise business models?

    Yes, Megamax offers tracking and control solutions to maintain consistency in branding and operation standards. With our solutions, you can track the progress of your franchises and manage them remotely.

    How can you help in managing my business resources?

    Megamax provides ERP strategies and services that help you in improving your productivity and customer services by managing your enterprise resources. Our effective ERP services help you in boosting sales by organizing your resources better.

    Do you have any service for analyzing my store footfall?

    Megamax offers detailed and depth analyzing solutions for retail footfalls. Our analytics will help you to predict the store footfall so that you can manage and plan your operations and customize campaigns for stores.

    What kind of solutions do you offer?

    Megamax offers a range of services like Big data and analytics, cloud and IT infrastructure service, Application development, and management, IT automation, etc.

    What kind of industries do you serve?

    Megamax provides its services to major industries like Healthcare and life science, transport, logistics, life science, manufacturing, Automobiles, BFSI sectors, Education, etc.

    Which cities do you offer your services to?

    Megamax offers its solutions globally with the office in the USA and has its headquarter in Noida. We provide services all over India with our branch offices at Mumbai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, and Bengaluru.

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