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    Revolutionising Gmail with AI: Unlocking Powerful Features to Augment Your Mobile App Development

    Google’s Gmail is now leveraging the potential of Artificial Intelligence services & solutions. Google has implemented the ML models onto its Gmail mobile application. Thus, it provides users with a more personalised and efficient email writing, searching, and managing experience. 

    The mobile application has a very general and simple UI, so most people prefer the app over the desktop version for using Gmail. 

    And with AI, Google has improved how people use the Gmail app to access its features. But how does it work? And what level of efficiency do AI and ML intend to add to Gmail? 

    Read this article to find out! 

    5 AI-Powered Gmail Features that are Transforming the Way People Use the App

    Google has made numerous announcements that they are making AI more useful for their users. And Google’s email suite is now harnessing the high-end abilities of AI, offering a plethora of features that simplifies communication and email management. To help you get an insight, here are a few of them:

    1. “Help Me Write”

    The latest addition to Gmail is the “Help Me Write” feature, which allows users to compose common emails conveniently. People can access this feature from the Workspace Labs program. You can get complete drafts of emails based on the very simplistic prompts from your end. 

    The users will have the liberty to refine these drafts and curate the email as per their preferences by using generative AI technology. Moreover, this tool also has the flexibility of extracting details from past chain conversations to write a draft that portrays contextual relevance. 

    2. “Smart Compose”

    Smart Compose is another AI feature by Gmail that supports email composition by suggesting wording options when the users are typing in real time. This AI feature operates on the Tensor Processing Units or TPUs, which is a hybrid language generation model. It enables the users to incorporate the suggested sentences or phrases into drafts by clicking on the ‘Tab’ button. 

    Apart from improving email composing efficiency, the Smart Compose feature can support new language learners by exposing them to the correct form of English, Italian, French, or Spanish. It isn’t a brand-new feature, but it is highly useful! 

    3. “Tabbed Inbox”

    Tabbed Inbox is one of the common AI Gmail features, which categorises incoming emails as five different tabs. These tabs are Primary, Social, Forums, Updates, and Promotions. This feature makes use of neural network-based heuristics and ML algorithms. Gmail will assign the incoming emails to appropriate tabs. 

    Thus, the inbox will be free from clutters. Apart from that, the users will also have the feasibility to customise these tabs based on their preferences. 

    4. “Smart Reply”

    Google has introduced the “Smart Reply” feature, which will accelerate email communication feasibility by taking it a step further. This feature will offer you up to three varying yet relevant responses to the emails you have received. This feature is powered by advanced ML techniques, which include the integration of deep neural networks. 

    Smart Reply presents you with nuanced reply options that are often more descriptive. The users can just select one among those responses, which will save them immense time & effort. Not just that, but Smart Reply also adapts to the communication style of the users and provides you with personalised responses. 

    5. “Summary Cards”

    The role of Summary Cards is to extract information from email messages. It is mostly useful when the users need only specific information from the email. This feature uses ML and heuristic algorithms to enable Gmail to identify the relevant or important content within the emails automatically. 

    For instance, the flight itineraries, online order summaries, and other important data will be retrieved and displayed as a concise card at the top of the emails. 

    6. “Nudging”

    Nudging is a unique AI feature by Gmail that enables users to be reminded about taking follow-ups or replying to some important messages. The nudging feature over Gmail detects any unanswered emails and predicts the ones the user will most likely respond to. 

    After a few days, the system will again return these messages and bring them to the top, reminding you to act upon them. Not just that, but nudging also extends its feature capabilities to outgoing messages, which prompts the users to send follow-ups if the recipient hasn’t responded to the message within a specified time window. 

    Is this Initiative by Google Promoting Businesses to Integrate AI Into their Business Apps?

    AI has been a trending technology in the modern era, and businesses are already adopting its features and capabilities to enhance the user experience. Google’s AI features over the Gmail app are the inspiration for you to augment your mobile app development with AI and stay ahead of the crowd. 

    Irrespective of the business domain, AI can possibly be integrated into applications and operations of all kinds. Megamax Services is one of the popular brands in India that offers Artificial Intelligence services & solutions to deliver you an astounding application to replicate your business operations. 

    Embed AI Features Onto Your Business Application With Megamax Services

    Whether you want AI-rich features on your app’s interface or want to leverage its potential for digital marketing solutions in India, we can help you attain them all. We have the right team of experts, proficient in using advanced tools and technologies to integrate AI and ML techniques into your apps.

    With AI being part of your mobile app development solutions, you can expect to attain increased operational efficiency, automated tasks, and enhanced user experience. May it be chat automation, digital assistance, security, predictive analytics, object detection, or personalization, we can help implement dedicated AI features to your app to satisfy them all. 

    If you want to learn more about the use of AI in mobile application development, then get in touch with us right away. Our team of consultants will help you with all technicalities associated with the approach. Moreover, if you feel convinced by the quality of our service, we can help you with a price quote for availing of our services. 

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