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    Server Support

    We provide several options for business continuity on Windows and Linux servers. Each will provide your company with our expert and dedicated recovery service, should you need to declare a disaster due to an unplanned system outage.

    Disk Backup and Recovery with EVault

    EVault disk-to-disk data backup and recovery employs WAN-optimized data transfers, endto-end encryption, data reduction (source-side and back-end), and single-pass restores. It minimizes bandwidth usage, backup windows, and storage needs; ensures security, privacy, and compliance; and enables reliable point-and-click restores.

    • Recover in 12-24 Hours
    • Eliminate daily tape management cost
    • Eliminate offsite tape storage costs
    • Eliminate the uncertainty inherent with tape backups
    • Fully managed disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution
    • Simple and fast data restore process
    • Secondary data backup to EVault cloud

    Disk-to-Disk Backup with Double-Take RecoverNow

    Continuous data replication with Double-Take RecoverNow provides a continuously updated copy of critical data at a remote site, which minimizes a data loss should a recovery be necessary. This is more reliable, less complex and takes less time than traditional recovery from tape media.

    • Recover in less than 24 Hours
    • Continuous data protection (CDP)
    • Full-server backup and recovery
    • Any-point-in-time recovery

    High Availability System Protection (HA) with Double-Take Availability

    Recover your entire Windows servers on demand with the Server Recovery Option. Double-Take Availability provides a single solution to continuously protect and recover an entire server, including the OS, applications and data. Using the Double-Take Server Recovery Option, multiple servers can be replicated to a single image server and recovered on-demand to new hardware after a system failure or a disaster.

    • Ensures minimal data loss
    • High availability during outage
    • Remote availability
    • Replicates changes in real-time
    • Supports most servers and platforms
    • Self-configuring, self-monitoring and self-healing features
    • Improves performance by compressing the protected data before it is sent

    Megamax Advantage

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