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    Web Accessibility Excellence: Best Practices and Essential Tools

    Web Accessibility

    Accessibility is an important aspect to look at in web pages, web applications and mobile applications. There are so many websites on the internet that people are looking for the minute details of a website. According to statistics, the number of websites on the internet has reached the 2,003,341,082 mark.

    To stand out from the crowd of websites, you need to include the element of web accessibility. There are many steps and tools to use if you want to maintain the accessibility of your webpage. Since there are billions of internet users today, it is important to create websites that are accessible to a wide audience across diverse demographics.

    The practices to increase website accessibility

    With the rise in digital transformation, it is important to make websites that are accessible and easy to use for all. There are more than 5.3 billion internet users today.  Today, even kids and senior citizens are active on the net. Therefore, depending on your business goals, you can adhere to practices necessary for website accessibility. The best practices for creating website accessibility are as follows-

    Add proper alt text to images

    An accessibility tip that website designing & development services in India follow is the use of proper alt text with images. The use of alt text can be done to make images accessible to people. Whether it is meant for ordinary people or disabled, blind people, alt text with images can make the photos and images really accessible. Alt text is a type of format that is supported by Microsoft Word, HTML and other programming languages. So, it can be used across different web formats and make images accessible and simple for people.

    Usage of headings

    The use of headings and subheadings in web page content is a simple step to organise the content and make it more accessible to people. Headings should be included in the web page layout for easier reading of website content. Mobile Application Development Services have also focused on including proper headings and subheadings so that people can easily connect with the textual content.

    Using headings and proper subheadings is a good choice for SEO marketing and the display of content on search engines. The use of headings, relevant snippets and organisation of information can help a brand by ensuring that proper information is visible to the people who search for their services online; for customers who use search engines to find websites, headings and subheadings are a must. The use of headings and content organisation is mutually beneficial for the brand as well as for the customers who interact with it.

    Use accessible PDFs

    The website that your company designs should also include accessible PDFs. Being accessible through PDFs means that the content on the web should be easily changed into a PDF if the user needs it. Website designing & development services in India should use the tagged PDF option to ensure that the content can be changed into a PDF and exported to a hardware system for viewing. The inclusion of this feature ensures that the information present on the website is accessible to everyone and can be converted into a PDF document for printing purposes. The ease of PDF conversion can help people learn from websites.

    Add labels to fields

    Use the labels from HTML so screen reader users know which labels to follow to see the fields. The use of these labels improves the organisation of content and structures the layout of the website to make it user-friendly.  The user can then easily navigate the website layout, and the content is more accessible.

    Group-related form fields

    When using the HTML language, the checkboxes or radio buttons in a fieldset element. Wrap the question or prompt that applies to them all in the legend element so that the questions and content are seen properly with the help of the web layout. The layout can be organised when form fields are grouped together for a better layout.

    Markup tables properly

    Use the HTML language to establish the markup text properly so that the relationship between tables, columns, and data. The relationships between the tables and columns are all organised properly to show the data to the audience. Sometimes, people cannot understand the data stored in the tables easily.  By taking these steps, the company can ensure that the data is presented properly and understandable by the people.

    Identification of language and text

    Many websites work with multiple languages and textual content. The content should be marked up with tags of languages when multiple languages change. The Mobile Application Development Services also looks for language markup text that can show the default language and other details linked with the content.

    The change of the language and its markup can show the user the language that he is reading at the moment so he is aware of the content in front of him. This step eases the process of reading and also makes the content accessible to all. The user can know the default language and also the different types of languages that are available for the user, so he can switch between the languages when needed.

    Adjust the colour contrast

    Adjusting the colour contrast is such a small step towards web page accessibility that sometimes, people do not pay attention to it. If you want to find the answer to How Web Design And Development Are Different, know that in design, even the slightest change in colour contrast can make a huge difference in the way people perceive the website. The colour contrast can be handled to create a more accessible layout for visually disabled people. The layout can be helpful for colour-blind people and those who have difficulty seeing.


    There are many tools and techniques that can be used to increase the accessibility of a webpage. A company like Megamax Services can help you increase the accessibility of your webpage. The company can tell you about the nuances of website layout and How Web Design And Development Are Different from each other.  The increase in web accessibility can be helpful in increasing the level of user engagement for your company.

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