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    What are Network Operations and Network operation centers? And the Challenges Faced by Network Operations.

    Network Operation Center

    What is Network operations?

    Network operations refer to the tasks performed by an internal IT networking team or a third party company that is hired to manage, supervise and respond to the warning signs on their network availability and performance. As the technologies developed with time, the challenges faced by network operations have also increased.

    The team or staff which is responsible for looking after all the network operations is called network operation analysts or network operations engineers. Their primary duties are to ensure a smooth flow of operations while dealing with things like cyber attacks, network failures, power outages, and maintaining the stability of the network.

    What is Network Operation Centers?

    A network operation center or a NOC is a centralized place or room from where all the networks are being operated and managed by the staff or a professional service provider.

    Network Operation Center is a room well equipped with devices through which the network operation team manage, monitor, supervise and provide 24*7 assistance.

    For big organizations, the NOC (Network Operation Centers) works as a nervous system to coordinate, operate and manage all the important business tasks like software management and updates, network troubleshoots, managing domain names, backup, and storage.

    Some important tasks performed at Network Operation Centers are :

    • Managing Firewalls.
    • Responding to incidents.
    • E-mail, voice, video, and other communications management.
    • Patch Management.
    • Analyze and spot attacks from external sources.
    • Developing reports on quality, performance, and optimizations.

    NOC plays a very important role in managing seamless network availability so that organization’s operations and business can continue without any hurdles.

    Challenges Faced by Network Operations

    As the technologies get advanced, the complexity and challenges faced by network operating staff have also increased.

    Today’s network system has to handle more traffic and data than ever especially, due to adopting cloud-based infrastructure and SaaS applications. Network operation staff not only need to have a thorough understanding of technology but also need to manage smooth communication across the organization.

    Some Common Challenges Faced by Network Operations are:-

    • Fast-changing cloud technology and dynamic resources mean the system is not usually up to date for troubleshooting if problems occur.
    • Lacking coordination and collaboration between teams.
    • Not being able to tackle problems right at the moment they appear because of the time required to collect all the data necessary for troubleshooting.
    • Frequent consults to senior staff for accessing the root cause of problems.
    • Hefty time consumption by the troubleshooting process.

    Best Practices for Network Operations Center:-

    Challenges faced by every network operation center are different but some problems they face are common among each IT network operation. Therefore certain practices need to be followed for the best network operation center.

    The practices you should follow are:

    • Prioritization:- Identify and prioritize your tasks based on the urgency of the events and their potential to impact business operations. This will help you to deal with the threats beforehand.
    • Assigned Tasks to teams:- Every team should have a clear idea of what needs to be done at certain incidents. A clear mentioning of which team should handle what incidents will help in handling emergency incidents with quick response and efficiently without any confusion.
    • Scheduled Meetings:- Having regularly scheduled meetings will help you discover your teams’ strengths and weaknesses. It will help you to find out the areas of improvement and get suggestions from teams about how operations can be improved.
    • Regular Training:- In today’s era of Information Technology, the changes in operations are frequent and inevitable. There are constant technological advancements and updates and also the chances of getting cyber attacks. To manage these changes and avoid attacks, your operating team needs to be equally trained at a high level.

    Regular training keeps your Network operation team up to date with current technologies and threats.

    • Automation of Tasks:- Automating such tasks which are repetitive and monotonous will help your team to save time and focus on more important tasks and incidents. Applying the right automation can detect and analyze problems faster and gives you a better understanding of the incident 

    IT Maintenance and Management

    As of nowadays, most companies are relying on their IT network and Infrastructure completely for everyday functions. They need to keep track of their IT system management and maintenance.

    Having regular system maintenance ensures the security of your organization’s IT infrastructure and software.

    Megamax Maintenance and management of IT services includes:-

    • Reactivation of services.
    • IT infrastructure audit and Inspection.
    • Maintaining and managing devices like laptops and desktops.
    • Regular management of servers.
    • Providing help desk management.
    • Network management.

    Megamax services provide you with the security and safety of your data and ensure smooth operations across the organization. Our expert technicians are well experienced and skilled to handle any IT management issues if you have any.

    Some of the skills we offer are:-

    • Reducing the Risks
    • Network Integration.
    • Reducing server downtime.
    • Flexibility

    AS/400 Support in India:-

    SAP running on AS/400(IBMi) systems has been popular across different organizations for carrying out their everyday operations.
    But as the AS/400 system is aging, it has become essential for companies to have proper maintenance for their systems, it’s important to have regular monitoring, data protection, and system management.

    Megamax Services has skilled and well-experienced professionals with knowledge and understanding of monitoring, maintaining SAP on AS/400 systems. Being the IBM Managed Service Provider, we can assure you the best in class data protection and system management services.

    Megamax is among the top managed service providers of AS/400 support in India. We excel at providing customer satisfaction. Our IBMi support service includes:

    • Backing up data from remote servers to disk.
    • Testing for system recovery and remote recovery.
    • Hosting production and target system management.
    • Legacy data hosting.

    IBMi (a.k.a. AS/400) Managed Services:

    • Hosting and monitoring your system.
    • System management.
    • AS/400 Legacy Data Hosting.
    • System recovery and Data Protection.
    • IBM hardware sales.

    IBMi (a.k.a. AS/400) Business Software Solutions:

    • Modernizing the old application.
    • Barcoding and Data collection automation.
    • IT consultation services.
    • Customized Support and programming according to your business needs.

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