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    What is Field Service Management and How Digital Disruption is transforming Field Services and management?

    IT disruption

    As the world is becoming more digitized, the need for fast and reliable services has increased exponentially. And due to rapidly developing technologies, there is digital disruption in almost every sector of sales and services. Customer experience and satisfaction is the most important aspect for any organization if they want to survive in the competition. As a result, the Field Service Management has to be quick and reliable.

    What is Field Service Management:

    Field Service Management refers to the management of laborers, technicians, or professionals who are deployed in field service for maintenance, repairs, installations, or solving customer complaints.

    Importance of Field Service Management:

    Field Service is of utmost significance for any organization, a well-optimized and effectively managed field service ensures the healthy goodwill of the company. Hence improves customer satisfaction and customers retention along with the health and safety of its employees in the field.

    Digital Disruption in Field Service Management:

    The field worker’s job is full of uncertainty and unknown factors. It can be anything like wrong or missing equipment, delay in solving customer queries, or any urgent task assigned.

    These uncertainties make it difficult for the management to estimate the time and workforce required to cope with the urgent situations which often lead to unhappy customers.

    To overcome these uncertainties, organizations need to adopt digital and cloud technologies that employes smart connections, IoT solutions, and mobile applications for field service technicians.

    So that management can drive real-time data, process automation, and faster productivity, which leads to deeper customer engagement and satisfaction.

    Some of the recent trends and changes in Digital technology that left the service management in disruption are:

    IoT solutions:

    The IoT(Internet of Things) is a connecting network of devices, physical things that are installed with built-in sensors, software, or other technologies to transfer data over a network and provide real-time status and monitor customer equipment.

    Along with it can also report the faulty parts and repairs even before customers lodge a query.

    Dispatch Automation and Real-time scheduling software:

    Using the latest technologies and automation, companies can now dispatch field service teams and assign tasks based on the mobile workers’ availability and skillsets, experience, and current location.

    This reduces the complaint solving time and gives a positive customer experience.

    Brief Introduction of Legacy Data Hosting In India:-

    What is Legacy Data Hosting in India?

    Legacy Data refers to that old data and information which is kept stored in obsolete and outdated systems but is still of significant value for the organization.

    But because of an old and obsolete system, it’s hard to access such data with present technology.

    We at Megamax Services understand the importance any legacy data access holds for its organization.

    We deliver secured IBMi (a.k.a. AS/400) cloud-based data hosting services at a lower cost than in-house resources.

    So if you have switched from an ERP system and need to maintain access to your AS/400 data, Megamax is a perfect choice for your organization.

    We work with the latest technology IBMi (a.k.a. AS/400) hardware and have IBM maintenance support along with the modern-day operating system to make your workflow smooth and hurdle-free for the future.

    Our Legacy Data hosting services in India are a perfect solution for those organizations which have moved on to SAP and have Legacy AS/400 based ERP data.

    Our Legacy data hosting services are handled by a team of experts with good experience in the respective field.

    So that your organization has one less thing to worry about and you can carry on your operations effectively and smoothly while we manage and monitor your old ERP system.

    System Recovery and Data protection for Windows:-

    In this digital age where everything is stored in digital devices or hardware. Loss of data could cause you some serious issues.

    Losing valuable data due to a system failure or any other hardware problems can lead to a critical crisis for any organization and maybe cost them a fortune.

    Hence, because of this, it’s always advised to have a well-maintained backup and restoration plan.

    Megamax Services offers different options for organizations to choose from, for their system recovery plan and backups.

    Megamax offers services both at windows and Linux servers to ensure the security of your data and seamless workflow.

    Some of the System Recovery and Data protection Services we offer are:

    Disk Backup and Recovery with EVault:

    Disk backups and recovery services use WAN optimized data transfer, end-to-end encryption, and single-pass restore along with secondary data backup at EVault.


    • Fast Data recovery within hours.
    • Eliminate offsite storage costs.
    • Fully managed disk to disk backup solution.
    • Secondary data backup at EVault.

    Disk to Disk backup with double-take RecoverNow:

    This is a faster and more reliable way of backing up your organization’s data than a traditional tape media recovery method.

    This backup and recovery service ensures continuous data replication and updates the copies of critical data to servers with Double-Take RecoverNow technology.


    • Ensures data recovery in less than 24 hours.
    • Continuous data backup updates and protection.
    • Any point in time recovery option.
    • Full server backup and recovery service.

    High Availability System Protection (HA) with Double-Take Availability:

    This is an advanced recovery and data protection service with the option of recovering an entire windows server on demand.

    Double-Take availability ensures the continued protection and recovery of the entire operating system server including its apps and data in case of any system failure or other issues.


    • No to minimum data loss.
    • Continuous data backup updates and protection.
    • On-Demand recovery of entire windows.

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