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    What is Legacy Data? And why is it important to have Legacy Data hosting services?

    Legacy Data

    What is legacy data?

    Legacy data is the data that is stored in an outdated format and is difficult to access. Let us understand the meaning of legacy data in detail by splitting it into three parts. 

    Part 1: Information

    The information can be any data worth saving, such as personal data, finance-related data, CJIS files (criminal reports and criminal data), etc. The data is stored somewhere in an electronic document management system or where media is backed up like a hard drive.

    Part 2: Information stored in an obsolete format

    We sometimes store files in an old or obsolete format or an outdated system. 

    (NOTE: We are not referring to the obsolete format or system that doesn’t work; we meant to say that obsolete relates here to out-of-date and may not be supported. And it is worse when you lose the data stored in outdated media formats or systems that can not be accessed.)

    Part 3: Data that is difficult to access

    When you store your information in an obsolete legacy system or an old and outdated format, it is hard to access, or sometimes it is impossible to access.

    Why Is It Important to Have Legacy Data Hosting Services?

    As your business evolves, the information you manage doubles. It incorporates not just interior information, archives, agreements, and the sky’s the limit. You will need reliable information facilitating administrations and legacy data hosting services in India to help you manage the information better.


    The enterprises are not equipped with digital transformation; however, they are still working upon the old means of fragmented data spread across the different branches of the organization. This approach is time-consuming and sometimes fails to give a consolidated view of the required information. When the data is dedicated and managed in the data hosting service, it helps to reduce the internal barriers to effective operations that simultaneously affect the speed and efficiency of the customer service. 


    The security and the safety of the data are the utmost priority of any organization, be it the customer’s profile or the first-hand information of the official schedules. The legacy data hosting services should be updated and monitored frequently. The company’s internal functioning focuses on the product and services, so it is essential to outsource the responsibility of data hosting and services in India. It should have vigorous security checks and systems and expertise in efficiently identifying and handling the risks. 


    The business should hold back its investments in external data storage for fear of capital loss. They don’t measure the returns from efficient data storage and management systems. Megamax Maintenance and management of IT in India is an additional resource for data hosting services and solutions, allowing the business to leverage crucial and technical resources. The data hosting vendors keep offering subscription services if the affordability and returns are worth considering. 

    So these were the benefits of having legacy data hosting services. Let us now know the steps of the legacy data migration project: 

    Steps In A Data Migration Project:

    Step 1- Project Discovery 

    Step 2- Initial Assessment- Assessing legacy systems, including data. 

    Step 3- Project Documentation

    Step 4- Data Acquisition: Data transferring securely through encrypted USB drives and secure FTP electronic transfer.

    Step 5- Data Migration: Data will be migrated for import into your new system.

    Step 6- Identification and Adjudication: Identifying any exceptions within the process flow implemented for the conversion/migration.

    Step 7- Data Delivery: Delivery of data to your new system via secure USB or SFTP. Data will be formatted into your new system.

    Now let us know the most challenging aspects of changing a legacy system?

    Replacing a legacy system can be challenging, costlier, and time-consuming. That is why it is essential to analyze critical aspects, such as acceptable risks, legacy system conditions, and the needs of the business. 


    The cost of maintaining and replacing a legacy system is expensive. So it is essential to assess and plan the best migration project to avoid the fees.

    Technical specifications

    Replacing a legacy system can be risky as the new system sometimes doesn’t meet the business needs due to a lack of technical specifications in the obsolete system. It can also lead to data loss if the legacy system is changed. It is almost impossible to create a new design with the same features as the legacy system. 

    Data protection

    It is crucial to check if data is appropriately migrated without data loss if replacing the legacy system. So, companies should extract data securely and ensure compatibility between old and new formats. 

    After assessing all these aspects, the companies determine which option is best for their business. And then should plan to replace the outdated software or system with the new one, moving it to the cloud. 

    Megamax Services, the one-stop solution for the Management and Maintenance of IT in India, ensures the flexibility and cost-effective maintenance and management of IT in India. It also gives complete access to services for rapidly developing businesses. It is crucial to have a platform that can keep up with the evolving pace and scale up quickly to the company’s growing needs. 

    Megamax Services’ legacy data hosting services in India are secured Cloud-based IBMi offerings that deliver a lower total cost. Our solution runs with the latest technology IBMi with IBM Maintenance and the newest version of the Operating System, maintained to move forward without disruption. It is a good fit for businesses that have moved on to SAP and have Legacy AS/400-based ERP data that needs to be accessible over the longer term. Keeping their Legacy AS/400 Applications and Data online in-house is a distraction for their staff and a drain on their internal resources.

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