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    Providing Insight: Addressing 5 Common AS400 I Series Queries for CTOs and CIOs

    AS400 Queries

    IBM AS400 systems are one of the popular technologies that have been in practice for enterprise resource planning and are also used for database management. Over time, there have been significant updates made to the AS400 systems, and technology business owners like you have been at the forefront of adopting them.

    Being a technology leader or business owner, it is always expected of you to have AS400 queries about the latest releases on popular tech solutions. And AS400 systems are no different! May it be ROI, performance, security, efficiency, or others, learning about the updates associated with IBM AS400 has been mandatory for the CIOs and CTOs in business.

    So, if you are new to the concept of AS400 and intend to harness the complete potential of your investments in this technology, you must learn about it inside-out. In this article, we will cover a few crucial questions that every CIO or CTO must ask and have answers for in association with IBM’s most demanding mid-range server.

    Different Questions or Queries of CTOs and CIOs Concerning IBM i Series AS400

    It is true that businesses today are relying on exploring IBM i 7.5, which is the latest instalment of the IBM operating system, which runs over modern systems. Even though AS400 systems are considered legacy or old hardware servers, they are still the running ancestors of the IBM platform. Most of the businesses are still leveraging its potential in most of their operations.

    Keeping that in mind, here are some questions that most businesses commonly ask about AS400 systems and their applications:

    1. Why Does a Business Need IBM AS400?

    In the generation when there were fax machines or old-generation phones, IBM introduced the mid-range and easy-to-use computer server system named AS400 to the market. The AS400 iSeries transformed the way people looked at leveraging the potential of computing. Starting from 1988 to this date, AS400 is still in use and has now become smarter and more favourable.

    AS400 is important for businesses because it saves them from serious issues such as:

    • Software struggle
    • Expansion hassles
    • Data dilemma
    • Security void
    • Efficiency paralysis, etc.

    2. How are the AS400 Systems Being Demanded Even in 2023?

    IBM AS400 is not dead and is far away from being called outdated! Instead, IBM has upgraded its attributes and given it modern features to handle complex challenges for businesses, such as data overload, cyber security threats, data overload, modern UI requirements, and others.

    Moreover, it is also supporting the businesses to deal with migration from legacy systems and complexity in integrations. So, if your company is relying on IBM AS400 for its mainframe operation support, do not worry, as it is not going to be outdated anytime soon. IBM is equipped with the intention to improve the technical proficiency of its AS400 systems, which ensures you will find it even stronger in the forthcoming years.

    3. What are the Crucial Features of IBM iSeries AS400 in 2023?

    Some of the crucial features that are enticing the business owners of today to stick to the IBM iSeries AS400 are:


    In comparison to AS400 of the past, the IBM iSeries upgrades are considerably cheaper and more effective. The users have the liberty to avail the ownership at a low cost, which enables them to access the direct features without any hassle.

    All-Round Solution

    IBM iSeries AS400 of 2023 is no longer adopting the legacy system of the 1980s. You can seek the best ways for exploring IBM i7.5 functionalities with professional digital transformation partners. Instead, it offers you development tools, middleware, an operating system, and a database. With this, you don’t have to rely on any third-party vendors to provide you with maintenance and support.

    Rapid Development

    IBM AS400 iSeries enables you to speed up the application development process by using conductive tools and a dedicated environment. This will help you boost your time to market with the required applications. The IBM iSeries of today has more power and life than the AS400 system of the past. The modern version of AS400 is more reliable, cost-effective, and scalable.

    4. How to Implement the AS400 Modernisation?

    People often argue that their AS400 iSeries legacy system just works fine to help them deal with their business operations. It is true that IBM AS400 of the past continues to be effective even today. However, as iSeries upgrades have been introduced, people are keen to adopt modernisation as their go-to strategy.

    However, a lot of CTOs and CIOs fail to successfully adopt the modernisation of these legacy systems due to poor management of resources or time. Therefore, to attain success with modernising your upgrade of AS400 to the latest IBM iSeries version, you must follow specific steps, which include:

    Hire the Right People

    AS400 systems by IBM will stay with the businesses for a long time, but that’s not the case with the IBM i talents. The old veterans who are experts with the technology are now retiring, and a lot of educational institutions don’t have the right training to deliver skilful professionals to fill the shoes.

    But this doesn’t leave you hopeless for mainframe operation support because there are some tech-geeks who are very much dedicated to IBM technologies. All you have to do is go for strict hiring of the right talents. Take your time, but hire the best to support your modernisation requirements with IBM iSeries.

    Plan Your Way Out

    Being a CTO or CIO, you must create a plan and stick to it to deliver modernisation successfully. Your plan must help you allocate resources and time smartly for creating actionable plans that have a clear focus on user efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    Set the Process Right

    IBM i is currently the most liked technology solution for most businesses. Therefore, modernisation with its latest version isn’t something that can be guessed or implemented at random. The leaders will have to decide on an approach to start the modernisation.

    Take the help of the experts and build a more intensified understanding of processes involved with respect to the modernisation of AS400 systems.

    5. What is the Significance of Support and Maintenance Services Associated with AS400?

    If you are in need of IBM i AS400 support service, you can connect with dedicated agencies who would help you with organising, managing, safeguarding, or optimising the associated environment within the IBM ecosystem. The managed service providers are equipped with the right tools and expertise to offer you troubleshooting, technical support, application support, production support, and system maintenance assistance.

    Megamax Services Offers You A Scope of Implementing IBM iSeries AS400 Modernisation

    If you want to upgrade your business systems with the latest IBM iSeries AS400 version and have AS400 queries, you can take the help of experts on the job to execute it quickly and more efficiently. We have a broad knowledge base on the iSeries platform, alongside expertise in managing bandwidth, hardware, and hosting centre infrastructure.

    We are proficiently managed service providers who have been helping businesses modernise their legacy AS400 systems. Moreover, we also offer services such as system recovery, data protection, hardware sales, system management, etc. Beyond application modernisation, we also help our clients with automated barcoding & data collection, EDI implementation, IT consulting, and others.

    We are members of the IBM Partner World Program, which makes us a reliable and trustworthy managed service provider to not just help you with IBM iSeries modernisation but also for managing its operations. Explore our website, or connect with our experts to learn more about our service offerings. 

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