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    Exploring IBM i 7.5: Exciting New Features

    Exploring IBM i 7.5

    IBM is a leading name in the world of technology and business with multiple technical solutions to their name. The IBM i 7.5 is the latest operating system for IBM Power Systems. IBM i or IBM Integrated started off as the OS/400 in 1988. Initially, it served as the only operating system for the IBM AS/400 line of systems. If you want mainframe services in India, then you are likely to have better results with the IBM i Series with multiple value advantages. 

    Some of the distinctive features of IBM i operating system are the machine interface, comprehensive integration of relational database systems and object-based addressing over a single-level store. You can find support for TCP/IP with IBM i Series alongside the proprietary Systems Network Architecture of IBM. Let us take a look at the features in the latest version of IBM iSeries, the IBM i 7.5. 

    What are the New Features in IBM i 7.5?

    The enhancements with each version of the IBM i Series create more curiosity regarding the impact of IBM on the world of computing. You can find credible providers for iSeries support in India like Megamax only through awareness regarding the powerful operating systems for mainframes. With IBM i 7.5, you can explore a wide range of improvements in the base operating system components. In addition, IBM i 7.5 has also introduced improvements in the Licensed Program Products found in IBM i portfolio. 

    First of all, you must note that IBM i 7.5 is compatible with selected IBM Power servers, featuring processors with Power9 and Power10 technology. Servers with earlier processors should upgrade to new systems to leverage the features of IBM i 7.5 to their advantage. Do you know why you need the ‘i’ in IBM iSeries? The ‘i’ represents integration of different components in the IBM suite. Here is an outline of the new features introduced by IBM i 7.5 in different aspects of the base operating system. 

    Security Features

    The first entry among the list of new features in IBM i 7.5 draws attention towards security. You can find the future of data centres and hybrid clouds with promising improvements in passwords, service tools and a digital certificate manager. IBM i 7.5 offers a new password encryption facility, which can help in achieving better security. You can access the new feature by configuring the system value ‘Password Level QPWDLVL’ to 4 and the ‘System Service Tools’ password level to 3. 

    IBM i 7.5 utilises a new API known as Check Password Meets Password Rules (QSYCHKPR) for security enhancements. It can help users and password management tools in pre-determining whether a particular value would comply with the configured password rules defined by the company. 

    Clients could choose the best mainframe services in India for capitalising on enhancements to the Service Tools CL commands in IBM i 7.5. The Create Service Tools User ID and Change Service Tools User ID commands can help in setting the ‘Password expiration interval’ attribute of SST users. In addition, the Change SST Security Attributes command can help in setting many other SST security attributes. Another SST security attribute could help in finding whether you can add or remove password exit programs. 

    The IBM i 7.5 also offers a Digital Certificate Manager or DCM with multiple improvements for providing a better user experience. Most important of all, the DCM could also introduce additional functions in the base security components. 


    The next important area which has been changed with IBM i 7.5 points is the flexibility and effectiveness of compression. You can find the support of the ZLIB algorithm, which works on specific commands to offer an additional functionality to ensure data compression. Subsequently, it could generate a smaller result alongside improving performance when it runs on an IBM Power10 processor. 

    Saving and Restoration Functionalities

    The new features in IBM i 7.5 also draw the limelight towards improvements in methods for saving and restoring files. Service providers offering iSeries support in India would help you identify the implementation of a new default on the ASYNCBRING parameter for ‘Save’ commands, which could ensure better performance in saving IFS data. In addition, you don’t need a dedicated system for ‘RSTUSRPRF*ALL’. All the restore operations feature an updated message with details of size of data, which ensures better prediction of time required for completing the restoration process.


    The new features with IBM i 7.5 also introduce promising improvements in its networking abilities. You can find better flexibility for configuring SNMP attributes to allow SNMPv3 only in certain environments. In addition, it would also restrict information returning to SNMPv3 to provide a better level of security. You can anticipate the future of data centres and hybrid clouds from the promising improvements in networking. 

    IBM i 7.5 allows support for TCP Selective Acknowledgement, which helps streamline data retransmission in the event of packet loss. Users could extend the password policy features of IBM Tivoli Directory Server for implementing advanced password syntax checking rules alongside the standard default rules. 

    IBM i 7.5 offers the flexibility for configuring an FTP client to allow FTP users to accept a server certificate without signature of trusted certificate authority. On the other hand, SMTP supports the configuration of different retention times for emails, allowing auto-forwarding of emails and configuration of different sender addresses. 

    Application Development 

    The improvements in application development functionalities with IBM i 7.5 draw attention towards the changes in the Integrated Web Services Rest API engine. It has increased the number of parameters to 248 and updated IWS logging features, including Access Client Solutions logging facility. 

    The ‘create’ and ‘update’ commands for the program and service program objects could facilitate command completion information for an events file. Subsequently, the same information could help in querying to obtain information on command completion status. 

    The IBM i 7.5 also features a broader range of CCSIDs for supporting new markets. In addition, the latest release of IBM iSeries also includes new built-in functions for facilitating atomic memory access. On top of it, the Call Bound Procedure and Call commands could also support passing expressions as parameters. 

    System Administration

    The feature improvements in IBM i 7.5 are also visible in the domain of system administration. System administration improvements could help you find accessible mainframe services in India with better value for your business. For example, IBM i 7.5 Performance Tools feature multiple hardware and software improvements. You can use the Service Tools feature for displaying detailed information about every NVMe device in the network. 

    In addition, you can also utilise the IBM Navigator for additional tasks and features to extract more information. The IBM i 7.5 also features hardware and software enhancements to the Integrated File System alongside resilient file-sharing options, a new layer of security and new exit points. Furthermore, IBM i 7.5 consumes less time for performing Cluster Resource Group switchovers for specific configurations. 


    The outline of new features in IBM i 7.5 presented here only serves as a glimpse of the improvements. You can refer to official documentation for IBM i 7.5 to learn more about the other improvements introduced in the new mainframe operating system. The assistance of reliable service providers for iSeries support in India could help you overcome the challenges of using IBM i 7.5. Discover the ideal answers to your doubts about the functionalities of IBM i 7.5 with professional experts at Megamax right now.

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