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    Megamax Services Pvt Ltd eConnect Portals are Java-based eBusiness solutions that can reside on one of your servers or on a web server that is hosted and managed around the clock by megamaxservices’s technical support team. It can be configured for tight integration with iSeries (AS/400) ERP systems, leveraging the existing centralized data source for all pertinent master files and customer order records. A turn-key solution can be deployed within a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) framework, providing you with additional options as you consider the impact on your capital versus operational budgets.

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    We have been providing innovative solutions for the IT marketplace since 1979. As a services organization, we take great pride in our work and count on our clients to refer us to other companies who may benefit from our professional services. Our track record of success is based upon our obsessive commitment to customer care. We take our responsibility for their mission-critical application systems very seriously and exercise great care in delivering our services.
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