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    Cyber Security and Data Privacy Services

    According to cybersecurity, zero-trust security implies not trusting anything trying to connect to the organization’s systems without verification. We recently enabled 80% of our global staff to securely work remotely. Our approach was to move for remote working in the present and future. Megamax’s Managed Services provide the capability to monitor, identify, investigate, respond, report, assess, and recommend services that help in keeping your organization’s cybersecurity ecosystem agile. Managed services complete the ‘Cybersecurity Framework’ by monitoring and reviewing the posture for global protection 24*7.

    Effective cybersecurity measures are particularly difficult to implement in the modern era, as there are more devices than humans and attackers are growing more inventive. However, companies like Megamax are experts in the domain of cybersecurity and know very well how to tackle unwanted third-party guests. 

    With innovation pacing ahead and the world getting intrinsically connected, there are complex and distributed interactions among users, applications, and data. This has made businesses vulnerable to violent, complex, and indiscriminate cyber-attacks. Embedding cybersecurity within your technological architecture and business lifecycle is critical to building resilience and an organization-wide security mentality. Embedding security into your enterprise fabric, securing the future requires resilience and scale.

    Security Monitoring integrates alert monitoring, internal and external threat intelligence, incident management, threat hunting, and security analytics.

    Megamax’s Security Monitoring solution works with network security, security gateways, and end-point protection. The program helps a company discover potential dangers. Not only that, but Security Monitoring enables organizations to establish a robust incident response structure to contain and recover from threats.

    Data loss can become a disaster if you don’t have a solid and proven backup and restore plan. Likewise, an extended system outage due to an unexpected hardware or facility issue can quickly evolve into a potential crisis affecting your ability to deliver products or services to your customers.

    We offer a range of data and system protection solution options, designed to fit your specific constraints in terms of recovery point and recovery time objectives to keep your business on track.

    Whether you are currently backing up your data to tape or have implemented a second backup system for data replication, or anything in between, we offer practical, economical, and customer-endorsed backup and recovery solution options that deliver a higher level of reliability, often at a lower cost.