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    Unlocking Business Potential: iSeries Support in India by Megamax Services

    iSeries Support

    Is your company looking at service providers that can offer iSeries support in India? Are you facing a dearth of skilled people who support iSeries mainframe computers in your company? And then, choosing a good support service provider is a feasible option. To maintain proper functioning inside, you need to hire a service provider that offers great iseries support to its clients. In the present IT scenario, there are many IT service providers who offer mainframe management services. Moreover, knowing their benefits and choosing the best one is of grave importance to companies.

    Why should you choose Megamax Services for iSeries support in India?

    Firstly, Megamax Services offers a plethora of services to its clients with the aim of improving operational efficiency for the company. Additionally, there are following benefits await you when you collaborate with Megamax Services for iSeries support in India.

    Better operational efficiency:

    The company’s mainframe management services help bring operational efficiency and ease into the workflow. The availability of support services helps in the smooth functioning of the systems, and this helps in better operational efficiency.

    With the help of these support services, you can operate with a large team.Moreover, this happens when the systems work at higher efficiency over a long period of time. A backup team that only focuses on maintaining the IBM Iseries is a huge advantage to the company. Finally, the team does not have to worry about additional support because the support services are on outsourcing mode.

    If you are looking for Mainframe Operation Support for the systems on which your workforce works, you need to contact a company that specialises in these services. The risks that could arise in the mainframe processes reduce with the use of these outsourced support services. Risk mitigation happens through trained and experienced support professionals who are experts at troubleshooting and risk management. These days, the use of advanced technology like predictive analytics also helps in quick risk mitigation and ease of operations.

    Higher responses and an interactive nature

    The IBM Iseries can be manipulated and used in different ways, and in every process, its responsiveness and interactivity are what make an impression. Furthermore, the outsourced support services and periodic maintenance of the systems, it is possible that the systems will be more responsive and smoother in operations.

    Timely use of mainframe operation support and the use of support expertise can increase the responsiveness and interactivity of the IBM Iseries systems. In the work environment, the use of these services and support can create a highly efficient and streamlined process for work. The highly responsive systems are a good way of creating an integrated work environment that works towards the collective achievement of the goals and purposes of the organisation.

    Quality of service

    When outsourcing the mainframe support services and processes, the client takes into consideration the quality of services from the company. The services and solutions that the outsourced company offers also include ERP solutions that help in resource planning and the complete use of available resources. The quality of services that the partner company will offer can save time, resources and effort for the company.

    With the services that the company offers, your team can invest in AS400 ERP solutions. The services offered, and the expertise of the support team makes it easier for the client company to integrate new support modules and features into the IBM iseries systems. The integrated ERP solutions can help the company in proper resource planning and utilisation at all levels. 

    The reduction of cost to ownership

    The use of outsourced support services from Megamax Services can reduce the overhead costs arising from the operations. The cost to ownership that might arise from support processes reduce. This happens when the right kind of support service partner comes on board. The outsourced support services choice should be at affordable costs. At lower costs, the company can invest in AS400 ERP solutions and other services that increase the efficiency of operations along with the reduction of cost to ownership.

    As the cost of ownership goes down, the profit margins will go up. The system management solutions from the company can offer output management, performance management and other capabilities. The company can be consistent with the system performance, and the output can be broadly managed. The iseries and mainframe systems face optimisation with a consistent level of performance for relevant output from the operations.

    According to a recent study, about 27 percent of business organisations outsource to reduce costs.

    Quick resolution of technical issues

    It is possible that the workforce you have deals with simple technical work and does not know about troubleshooting. Therefore, for advanced troubleshooting as well as for quick resolution of technical issues, you need to hire a highly specialized team of professionals. Moreover, this team of professionals should work well with your existing team. Furthermore, technical resolutions happen quickly so that business operations are not affected.

    Having a team of experts on standby to help your team resolve technical issues can make your team efficient and quick-paced. If you are ready to invest in AS400 ERP solutions, you should hire a good technical support team. The technical team can create highly efficient and customised solutions for support and maintenance. Fifty-four per cent of companies have invested in incident management technology in recent times.

    Proactive maintenance for prevention

    A good strategy to adapt to is the prevention of any security issues and possible threats. To maintain the security levels of a network or system, you need a good maintenance team that offers preventive maintenance. The preventive maintenance and support services offered by Megamax Services can make all the difference to how the systems work and produce output in the long run.

    Firstly, regular maintenance and support refers to running maintenance on minor problems and issues. Second, minor problems and issues are resolved with support services and technical support professionals. Thirdly, the preventive maintenance services are aided by new-age solutions that work with data analytics and AI. Therefore, for the most advanced technology on preventive maintenance, you need to hire a good support services company.


    Firstly, these are the reasons that you should hire a good support service company for your IBM i series systems. It is equally important to know that there are many system models in this series. In addition to this, you can get support services for all of them with the help of Megamax Services. The quality and number of services that this company offers is a definite advantage for its clients.

    An outsourcing support services provider can be a dependable partner in the long run. Instead of completely investing in hiring new human resources and getting more tools for support, you can just pool the monetary resources and invest those resources into hiring a support service provider who brings expertise and novelty to the table

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