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    Unlocking the Potential: Reasons to Invest in AS400 ERP

    AS400 ERP

    Digital transformation is the foremost priority of every business seeking new ways to improve its competitive advantage. IBM has been one of the notable leaders in helping businesses navigate through emerging challenges in the domain of business and technology. However, AS400 ERP is an obsolete option which was launched in 1988, and business leaders would have some doubts before using it. 

    On the other hand, you would be surprised to find that it is one of the core elements driving the foundations of multiple businesses worldwide. You must have noticed other software by IBM, such as IBMi or iSeries, which are the same as AS400 albeit with a different name. The different names have helped IBM in dynamic branding over the years. Let us learn more about AS400 and why you should choose it. 

    What is AS400 ERP?

    AS400 or AS400 iSeries is a group of mid-range computer systems created by IBM. It is an important tool for network services and management services to ensure secure and faster processing of large volumes of data. AS400 is popular for offering enterprise resource planning or ERP features alongside advanced database management functionalities. On top of it, the flexible system administration tools alongside development options can help in creating customer-facing applications. 

    The applications of IBM AS400 iSeries can serve promising results in the case of mission-critical business tasks. Learn more about the functionalities of AS400 right now. You will find out that AS400 is an ideal tool for use cases in financial reporting, supply chain management and customer relationship management. AS400 also offers the assurance of higher availability alongside resilient security features. As a result, it can ensure that business systems would still remain functional even with failure of parts of downtime. 

    Is AS400 Obsolete Now?

    The rise in adoption of essential AI tools might create some doubts regarding the relevance of AS400. On the other hand, IBM has implemented hardware and software upgrades in the system continuously. For example, the AS400 or Power Systems hardware runs on the IBMi operating system. The compatibility with different applications such as AS400 accounting software and inventory management. 

    You can still run programs designed for the first version of AS400 on the latest Power Systems servers without any modifications. The capability of AS400 offers unparalleled reliability, affordability, scalability and security. On top of it, the customizability of AS400 also ensures that it could address the needs of businesses which need enterprise solutions. 

    AS400 can also provide the advantage of seamless integration with other systems like web-based and data-centric applications. As a result, users could enjoy better data accessibility. On top of it, AS400 also features different tools that support development of custom applications suited to the needs of a particular organisation. AS400 is still relevant as the latest tool empowering businesses to achieve their goals. The extensive support network of AS400 can help businesses tap into their true potential without any prominent challenges.

    Reasons to Use AS400 ERP

    The questions about usability of AS400 in network services and management can help in uncovering insights about reasons to use it. You can rely on trusted service providers such as Megamax Services for installing IBM networking systems. However, it is important to clear all your doubts before investing in AS400 systems. Since its inception, AS400 has been through continuous development with consistent upgrades. 

    For example, the name AS400 changed to iSeries in 2000. Subsequently, the iSeries was rebranded as IBM System I in 2006. Find brief insights on benefits of AS400 right now. Irrespective of the changes in name, AS400 has emerged as a powerful enterprise solution. Here are some of the notable reasons why you should consider investing in the AS400 iSeries platform.


    AS400 iSeries systems could serve as the ideal companion for a business on their journey of growth. The capabilities of AS400 systems for supporting applications which need high performance and massive volumes of data storage. As a result, AS400 can offer higher scalability for accommodating applications which need essential AI tools for catering to emerging demands. Businesses could rely on AS400 to address their networking infrastructure requirements without purchasing additional hardware or licensing for new software.

    Cost Effectiveness

    The most striking advantage of AS400 is the facility for using existing legacy systems. Without the need for purchasing additional hardware or new software licences, businesses can find exceptional improvements in cost savings. Furthermore, AS400 also ensures better cost savings by providing an efficient architecture that lowers power consumption. As a result, businesses could find considerable reductions in IT costs over the course of time. 


    One of the biggest highlights of the benefits of AS400 iSeries systems would draw your attention towards reliability. AS400 systems are secure and offer the assurance of reliability to all types of businesses. The reliability of IBM iSeries AS400 systems ensures that businesses can use them for mission-critical applications. It is important to note that the hardware offers higher resilience for networking services. On top of it, the operating system also features an integrated security framework for ensuring data privacy and integrity. 


    The most crucial reason for investing in AS400 systems is simplicity. You can find an intuitive user interface with AS400 systems. At the same time, a shorter learning curve for AS400 ensures that even inexperienced users can familiarise themselves with the system quickly. Therefore, AS400 provides promising improvements in implementation of software upgrades and patches with simpler mechanisms. 


    Another prominent factor underlying the use of AS400 for enterprise solutions is compatibility. AS400 is compatible with different third-party applications, which helps your business access all the required features for excellence. In addition, the value of compatibility helps your business in integration of existing AS400 applications with new solutions for ensuring better efficiency. 

    Will AS400 Stay Relevant in the Future?

    Yes, AS400 has been a formidable term in the world of computing for many years and will continue to do so in the future. There are many reasons which support the use of AS400 ERP systems for the years to come. AS400 iSeries can guarantee unparalleled security of sensitive data and business information from malicious agents. On top of it, the secure architecture of AS400 ensures isolation of internal resources alongside implementing advanced encryption algorithms. 

    AS400 also includes a high-speed processor featuring advanced instruction sets, which help in faster and more accurate management of large transaction volumes. The advanced processing capabilities would support varying levels of customer demand without compromising on accuracy and performance. You should also notice the advantages of the redundant system architecture, which guarantees higher availability. Therefore, businesses could use AS400 for the assurance of information availability in the event of outages or other conditions for downtime. 


    The broad range of features in IBM iSeries AS400 systems provides a list of reasons to invest in such systems right now. AS400 iSeries is still a top choice for many organisations to develop their networking infrastructure. On the other hand, the features of AS400 ensure that it could still be a cost-effective and powerful resource for businesses in the future. 

    You can look for reliable service providers such as Megamax Services to uncover the true potential of AS400 systems for your business. Learn more about the significance of AS400 and figure out the ideal workflows for implementation of AS400 iSeries systems for your business now.

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