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    Unlocking the Potential: The Unique Journey to the Cloud for IBM Power Systems Owners

    IBM Power Systems

    The virtual server of IBM Power Systems provides its owners with valuable business perks. It helps them scale their business rapidly with utmost transparency on expenses and enhances their ability to test & develop modern projects without any imposed operational and financial risk. 

    Every business owner knows that no one cloud can accommodate the needs of all businesses. With the cloud, the possibilities are endless. Still, the cloud journey can be daunting if you invest extensively in IT infrastructure management, have unique data and regulatory requirements, or operate with around 10 to 15 workloads. 

    Therefore, businesses are inclined towards the hybrid cloud approach of IBM Power Systems. It streamlines the cloud journey for the users by building, deploying, and managing the data and applications that can run over the public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise. 

    Let’s find out how the cloud journey is unique for the IBM Power Systems owners with their integration of modern-day technologies. 

    How is IBM Cloud Helping the Power System Owners?

    By combining industry expertise and innovative technologies, IBM Cloud is already being adopted by some of the largest global enterprises. It is navigating them toward the next phase of their cloud journey. Thus, the owners of IBM Power Systems can more conveniently be part of their journey towards implementing a hybrid cloud with the Virtual Server. 

    The Virtual Server of the IBM Power Systems has the capability of delivering Power9 virtual machines, with the use of IBM I and IBM AIX. All of it is done over the public IaaS platform of IBM Cloud. Thus, it is a collaborative environment where you get the best capabilities of IBM Power and IBM Cloud. This environment is staged to be self-managed, economical, convenient, and pay-as-you-use. 

    In this unique journey towards the cloud for the IBM Power System owners, there are various challenges that the organizations would face when they plan on expanding their existing IT infrastructure. As the trends of the digital economy are booming, the need for expanding the infrastructure and rebuilding with iSeries AS400 becomes a priority. 

    Advantages For IBM Power System Owners Of Being Part of the IBM Cloud Community

    Here are some of the advantages that make the journey of IBM Power System owners unique towards adopting the cloud culture, which includes:

    1. Clear Pathway Towards Adopting Hybrid Cloud

    All the users of IBM Power Systems rely upon their in-house infrastructure to be accessible to the performance provided by the power-based processors. But in the process, they have been deprived of agility, efficiency, and flexibility, as the on-premise growth was often prone to obstacles. Some of those obstacles include managed hassles, risks, and a huge capital outlay. 

    But with migration to the IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers, businesses now get an opportunity to decode those hidden benefits of the cloud. In the process, they establish a more secure, smoother, and seamless pathway to the cloud based on the hybrid framework. 

    The IBM Power Systems owners have the feasibility of enjoying self-service provisioning, and flexible and fast management through IBM Cloud services, both on-premise and off-premise. Moreover, the pay-as-you-use billing structure ensures complete cost transparency for organizations to be aware of what exactly they are paying for. 

    Among the stand-out benefits of the hybrid cloud, one of its most noteworthy functionalities is to scale up immediately to meet the rising demands without hampering economic considerations. It means that the organizations can enable the provision and raise capacity right away to ensure faster time to value. 

    2. Modernising the IT Infrastructure Without Losing Expertise

    If you have built your IT infrastructure around the IBM iSeries AS400 in India, you are already set on a proactive and modern approach. You are already within the IBM community, so your journey toward the cloud would be unique and easier. Generally, upgrading to a hybrid cloud is cost-efficient for IBM Power Systems owners. Moreover, integration into the cloud for them is free of risks because they do not have to change the environment or operating systems they are familiar with. 

    A business enterprise that doesn’t want to shift its entire IT environment to the cloud, but intends to explore the benefits of it for the business, can attain the migration perks of IBM Cloud to the hybrid cloud. The on-premise operations will work effectively in the same manner over the cloud. Thus, this is the assurance that IBM provides as its key for the IBM I and IBM AIX client base. 

    3. Comes With Low-Risk Potential And is Cost-Effective

    Organizations are prone to running towards obstacles in association with their capacity. In such cases, they have shown interest in using the cloud to expand their services without making any upfront investments. And they intend to do it through modern equipment or by introducing an upgrade program to attain more productivity. 

    In such a case, choosing the IBM Power Systems Virtual Server makes the right sense for the owners who want to be free from unnecessary risks while migrating to the new IT infrastructure. In the past, it wasn’t easier to move a traditional on-premise IT infrastructure to the cloud. But with IBM Cloud, this risk has been mitigated, and the switch from on-premise to cloud infrastructure is indeed seamless. 

    Many companies do not want to spend their capital on outdated on-premise equipment. Instead, they want their IT infrastructure to work feasibly with the cloud to gain more memory and power without the risk of porting everything to a completely new environment. Thus, this is what IBM Power Systems owners have the privilege of! The risk potential and the investment are lower. 

    4. Enhanced Security and Business Consistency

    Most organizations have concerns about their business consistency and security needs in this modern & digital era. Data is the powerhouse of today’s businesses, which should be made available at all times. The outages, compromises, and cyber-attacks should not be able to disrupt the organization’s data. 

    Thus, a proper disaster recovery strategy is required for businesses to ensure data protection. Therefore, businesses moved to the hybrid cloud to strengthen disaster recovery approaches. The IBM Power Systems owners are keen on capitalizing on the IBM Cloud for this only reason. 

    The cloud strategy imposed for disaster recovery is at a minimal risk by ensuring two locations. One on-premise and one as the cloud backup. It is a very crucial business perk for all IBM Power Systems owners. This will enhance your business consistency planning and reduce the risk of data loss in your on-premise environment. 

    Organizations are also demanding geo-diversity, which is possible to attain only through IBM Cloud data centers. IBM Cloud’s data centers are associated with the IBM Virtual Server of the Power Systems, available across various countries. It provides organizations with better availability of required resources and a more optimized disaster recovery strategy. 

    Let Megamax Services Assist You in the Quest Of Being Part of this Unique Cloud Journey

    This was a clear depiction of why the cloud journey for the IBM Power Systems owners is unique from others. When migrating to the IBM Virtual Server, you are already taking a leap towards growing your business, deploying the workloads, creating a prominent disaster recovery strategy, adopting skills & services, and much more. Leverage the potential of IBM Cloud, and take your business to the next level. 

    In this quest to utilize IBM’s hybrid cloud infrastructure, Megamax Services can be your one-stop hub for all-around integration. If you want to enter the IBM iSeries community and embark on this unique cloud journey, contact us today! 

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