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    System Recovery for IBM i (a.k.a. AS/400)

    We provide multiple system recovery options for IBM i (a.k.a. AS/400) servers. Each will provide your company with our expert and dedicated recovery service, should you need to declare a disaster due to an unplanned system outage. Let us work with you to tailor a right-sized business continuity solution for your IBM i (a.k.a. AS/400).

    Disk Backup and Recovery with EVault

    EVault software is a proven and reliable disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution. Data is encrypted before and during the over-the-wire transmission to the megamaxservices vault, and remains encrypted in storage.

    Our System Recovery solution with EVault backup includes remote recovery testing and recovery assistance services. Through deployment of new Cloud Computing Technologies, we are able to deliver services at a significant cost savings over traditional tape-based System Recovery services.

    • Recover in 12-24 Hours
    • Eliminate daily tape management cost
    • Eliminate offsite tape storage costs
    • Eliminate the uncertainty inherent with tape backups
    • Fully managed disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution
    • Simple and fast data restore process
    • Secondary data backup to EVault cloud

    Off-site Data Replication with MIMIX DR

    MIMIX DR is a complete and affordable disaster recovery solution, designed for small to medium-size businesses on IBM i (a.k.a. AS/400). These businesses need better protection for their data and applications and faster recovery than traditional tape backups can provide, MIMIX DR continuously protects all day, every day to a DR system located at megamaxservices.

    Leveraging proven, trusted world-class technology that has been protecting thousands of businesses and billions of dollars in critical workloads for 22 years, MIMIX DR is specifically designed to guard small to mid-sized business from the financial impact of data loss.

    • Recover in 8-12 Hours
    • Real-time data replication
    • Affordable data protection solution
    • Minimal data loss
    • Hosted DR environment
    • megamaxservices assisted recovery service to DR system and back to production system

    High Availability System Protection (HA)

    System downtime, planned or unplanned, has a cost to your business. An HA solution delivers a fast ROI by reducing system maintenance downtime and getting your business back online quickly if disaster strikes. iTERA Availability and MIMIX Availability deliver the best of all worlds: robustness, reliability, and affordability in proven, award-winning HA products.

    • Fastest system recovery option
    • Real-time replication
    • Managed and hosted turnkey solution
    • Delivers minimal data loss
    • Replicates changes in real-time
    • Maximum level of system and data protection for IBM i (a.k.a. AS/400)

    Megamax Advantage

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