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    With the rising demand of the fast-paced working culture and increase in the need of working remotely, the use of mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops has become an essential part of organizations. Most of the organizational operations are dependent on these mobile devices for managing and ensuring a smooth flow of work.

    What is Mobile Device Management:-

    Mobile Device Management is a process of managing, controlling, and securing mobile devices for corporate data security. It uses software as a component to distribute and manage mobile devices while keeping the organization’s data secure. 

    Mobile device management not only supports smartphones but also includes other mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and even some of the IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Mobile device management allows your organization’s IT team and admins to manage, control, and issue security policies to the mobile devices as they are accessing sensitive corporate data of the organization and make sure that your network infrastructure is secure.

    How Mobile Device Management Works?

    Mobile Device Management(MDM) is a software-based service and it depends on an endpoint server called MDM agent and servers that are hosted either in the cloud or on-premise of the organization’s data center.

    Once the devices are enrolled in the MDM software. Then through the MDM’s management console the IT admins can remotely manage and configure policies to the devices over the air(OTA). The MDM agent on the device applies those policies on the device through the built-in  APIs in the device operating system. Likewise, the MDM agent can be used by IT admins to install and control any applications on the managed devices.

    Benefits of Mobile Device Management:-

    The main objective of mobile device management is to improve the flexibility and productivity of the operations of the employees by giving them the freedom of accessing the organization’s data over a device on the go from anywhere and anytime. And it also ensures data security.

    Some of the specific benefits of Mobile Device Management are:-

    1. Gives Control:- As organizations use a large number of devices and systems it becomes hard for the IT department to manage and keep track of all of the devices. MDM provides the IT department control over all the mobile devices of the organization.

    It allows them to configure devices remotely and keeps them up to date and provides timely replacements.

    1. Enhance Security:- With MDM can apply the organization-wide security policies and protocols to all the devices of the organization including personal smartphones hence, no security loopholes are left. It makes the managed devices less prone to cyber attack risks.
    1. Easy Device Updates:-  Through MDM IT department can deploy security or software updates to all the devices at the same time across the network.
    1. Automatic Data backups:- Devices that are enrolled in MDM software are always automatically backed up according to the organization’s backup policy. Hence, reducing the chances of data loss.

    Megamax’s Mobile Device Management Solutions:-

    Megamax provides cloud-based Mobile Device Management software that can manage operating systems like Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. It gives you complete control, visibility, security, and manageability over your organization’s devices.

    With multi-operating system compatibility, our MDM solutions are easy to use and will be able to manage each and every type of mobile device in your organization’s network.

    Why choose Megamax for Mobile Device Management:-

    1. Ease Interface- Megamax MDM console has an easy and user-friendly interface, so even if you are new to MDM you could easily operate and manage your devices.
    1. On Budget:- Our MDM solutions are cost-effective and will keep your management and security costs under budget. We offer numerous features at affordable prices under different plans that enable you to choose the option which suits your requirements the best.

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