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    Celebrating 35 Years of IBM iSeries: A Legacy of Innovation

    IBM iSeries

    IBM iSeries Power System achieved a remarkable milestone this year. On June 21, 2023, IBM i completed its 35th anniversary. Over these years, IBM i has experienced enormous success and developments to keep up with the promises made. 

    It has been more than three decades since IBM i to be the driving force for an endless list of companies across the globe. The companies have preferred and stuck to IBM i for its security, scalability, and reliability over time. 

    IBM i was originally known as AS/300, which was primarily designed for the Power Systems Servers. But as the evolution stages were near, IBM i revolutionized its entire business computing landscape and introduced an integrated approach with a dedicated architecture. It has constantly upgraded itself to meet the ever-changing industry demands and needs. 

    Even in 2023, the 35-year-old IBM i is still the industry favorite. In the years ahead, you can expect to see IBM i continuing to lead the business computing fraternity. It will empower organizations to embrace innovation, achieve strategic goals, and enhance technologies. 

    In this article, let’s get an insight into how effective IBM i is, even after 35 years of existence. 

    The Dominance of IBM i Power Technology

    The IBM i Power Technology doesn’t just secure your org’s network and offers a wide range of comprehensive services. For instance, you get a cloud model, full IT support, dedicated managed solutions, and a lot more. As of today, the managed service providers have now scaled themselves to offer IBM Cloud infrastructure services for users to deploy their native operations to advanced IBM Cloud. 

    To help you understand the dominance of this system better, IBM Power is a unified family of multiple servers based on the core processors. These Power processors can run not just IBM i but also IBM AIX and Linux. Over time, the technology has been upgraded stupendously, which has made IBM Power Technology respond quickly to business needs. 

    Moreover, it also protects your data right from the core to the cloud. It will also streamline the insights and promote automation for modernizing the applications and infrastructures. Thus, you can expect to attain a frictionless hybrid cloud experience. IBM Power servers will provide you with reliability, sustainability, and agility per the organization’s requirements. 

    Why Are People Inclined Towards Choosing IBM i Power Technology Even After 35 Years?

    IBM iSeries Power is known for its performance and scalability with enormous dynamic workloads. It provides you with superior management and virtualization features for security and flexibility, with a better integrated stack and isolation. With the leading reliability rating for more than 14 years, it brings in a distinct advantage for all businesses. 

    Some of the statistics that prove its worth, even after 35 years, include: 

    • IBM i Power Technology is highly reliable, with uptime of up to 99.999%. The ITIC survey across 28 vertical markets with 1500 corporations stated the availability rating as 99.999%. 
    • IBM i Power is also sustainable as it sees a 20% rise in the performance of end-user applications for the SAP S/4HANA. It boosts operational efficiency for meeting climate objectives. 
    • Today’s IBM i Power System is also ready to be integrated with AI technology. You can streamline the automation and insights with 5 times faster inference of AI per socket. 

    Benefits of Choosing IBM i Power System Servers Over Others!

    Here are some of the benefits that you would acquire upon choosing IBM i Power System Servers over others: 

    1. Avail Modernisation at Your Own Pace

    You can automate or modernize your applications at your own specific pace. You can add Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Ansible, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux automation platform to enable the hybrid cloud innovation & management for the data and enterprise applications that are running over the Power Servers. 

    In addition to that, there’s also a big scope of potential for the businesses to experience 48% lower TCO over a 3-year time while they run the existing containerized apps over an x86 server. 

    2. Reduction in the Core Software Licensing Expenses

    The per-core performance of the IBM Power10 has been improved. It is allowing organizations to run their key workloads on less count of servers. In turn, it is helping in the reduction of software licensing expenses. For instance, IBM Power S1014, which runs over the Oracle Database SE2, enables clients to reduce the application cost for every database instance by up to 33%. 

    It is better than that of the 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors. It also reduces the overall count of servers that you need for optimizing energy costs.

    3. Enhanced Security

    As per a recent ITIC report, 80% of all the survey respondents state that security breaches are among the biggest threats to the uptime and stability of their cloud, network edge, and on-premise infrastructures or ecosystems. The average loss that a security breach can cause is worth $4 million. IBM iSeries Power System protects critical applications and data from potential cyber threats with secure protocols. 

    It consists of a new transparent memory encryption, which doesn’t impact the performance. It is a security leader, which ranks 60x more than that of the white box servers. 

    4. Affordable Scaling With Shared Pools & Dynamic Capacity

    IBM i Power Systems offer dynamic capacity for public and private instances that have been designed for easy use, provision, and purchase. You can share the resources across multiple systems without any monthly fees. You just have to pay for what you use with minute-wise metering. 

    Apart from that, pooling with the SUC (Shared Utility Capacity) feature will support you in creating a computing resource pool, which ensures flexibility while managing multiple workloads. Thus, you can retain the balance over your resources to respond to business needs. 

    5. Increase the Uptime

    Just like any security breach, unplanned downtimes can also lead to expensive losses for the company. Therefore, IBM i Power has also delivered enhanced reliability for more than 35 years now. As per ITIC, this reliability has been proven on point for 14 years, which has increased the dominance of IBM i even more. It can fix potential faults before they can cause any kind of system failure. 

    Megamax Services Can Be Your One-Stop Managed Service Provider For the IBM i Infrastructure

    IBM i Power System owners are aware of how brilliant it is in terms of functionalities and features. Upon completing 35 years, more and more budding entrepreneurs and business owners are adopting the IBM systems to hold onto its legacy reputation. But, as far as the powerful efficacies are considered, IBM i systems also need proper management in all aspects. 

    May it be security, upgrades, performance measurement, or anything else, you will need to give in time for proper management of the entire system. Now that can be expensive for you to take care of by hiring in-house team members. It is because not everyone has IBM-centric skills and expertise. Plus, the ones who have will be demanding a high salary to be in your team. 

    Therefore, to be cost-effective while managing this brilliant and dominant IBM iSeries Power System infrastructure, Megamax Services can be your perfect managed service provider. We have the right tools and expertise to provide you with end-to-end assistance in keeping the IBM i Power Servers and associated functionalities optimized. 

    Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we cherish the 35th anniversary of IBM iSeries and are scaling with its advancements parallelly!

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