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    Connecting Success: Navigating Network Services and Management

    Network Services and Management

    Network services and management are one of the most critical necessities of an enterprise. It is mostly because businesses of the modern era are keen to leverage the benefits of this interconnected and technology-centric world.

    Considering this, businesses are now relying heavily on dedicated networks to achieve smoother operations. However, with the rising complexities and the increasing demands associated with network infrastructures, it is crucial for organisations to look after managing their networks.

    In this article, you will clearly understand the key components for executing network services and management with utmost proficiency.

    What do You Understand by the IBM iSeries AS400 Network Services and Management?

    Network services and management consist of a range of various activities that are responsible for you to monitor, control and optimise the various network infrastructures. Within the various activities, network services and management involve the deployment of software, processes and hardware. It is to oversee the efficient functionality of the various networks.

    When you can implement the right approach to managing your networks, your business operations will be able to scale the system’s availability, security and performance. AS400 i Series is one of those systems that most businesses are popularly implementing for running their business operations.

    The IBM iSeries is still one of the most robust system architectures that is now being used by various organisations. It is one of the legacy business systems but comes with modified versions that have brilliant OS and associated documentation. With an efficient approach to implementing network services and management, the first step is always to collect data.

    You must first collect information from your network that needs management. It means you must keep tabs on the information that you source from the network devices. Some of those devices include switches, wireless access points, routers and other such sources. The data can also be acquired through the software-based agents within the cloud or virtual service. It will help provide you with visibility into the application and network data traffic flow.

    Different Protocols that are Important for AS400 iSeries Network Services and Management

    Some of the varying protocols that go into implementing network management for the IBM iSeries AS400 system include:

    SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol):

    SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) has been a commonly deployed method over networking devices for a long time now. You must know it is a decades-old method for acquiring the network information for the seamless management of your AS400 i Series system.

    NETCONF (Network Configuration Protocol):

    Network Configuration Protocol is the crucial protocol, ideal for network configuration, which provides you with different mechanisms for using the dedicated network management tools. Following that, it also provides you with the administrators for configuring all the connected network devices.


    RESTCONF is the protocol that is built over the top of NETCONF and uses a RESTful API-centric approach for updating or changing the network configuration.

    gNMI (gRPC Network Management Interface):

    The gNMI protocol integrates a pathway for you to obtain the specified state of the network service or device. Moreover, it also provides you with the ability to manipulate or modify the configuration of your device.

    What are the Benefits of Seeking Network Management of the Business System?

    Some of the benefits that you will acquire upon integrating network management for your IBM AS400 iSeries business system include:

    Proper Network Visibility:

    The primary perk of attaining network management is you get a clear view of what’s going on within the network.

    Detect the Downtimes:

    You will be acquiring the ability to detect whether any part of the network within a system is faulty or experiencing downtime. This will help you quickly rectify the flaws and get the business system back online to continue delivering optimal performance.

    Performance Optimisation:

    When you run your business on a slow network, it adversely affects organisational operations. Therefore, with proper implementation of network management and NextGen data centre services, you will be able to enhance the performance of your business.

    How Does the NextGen Data Centre Services Help With Business System and Network Management?

    The primary function of data centres is to allow businesses to store, manage and process large volumes of data. This information is crucial for businesses to navigate their operations. But, processing the data will demand you to strengthen your physical infrastructure components as well. Such components include storage devices, proper networking equipment and dedicated servers.

    Bringing them all together is what will ensure you can attain seamless as well as secure data processing. As of today, the NextGen data centre services are entering the scene, which work by the concept of virtualisation and spread across diverse geographical sites, including all forms of cloud environments, such as public, hybrid or private.

    Such data centres are now evolving, and so are the network and system management strategies. With collective efforts for managing the IBM iSeries AS400 system networks and optimising the data centre efficiency, you can ensure more efficient orchestration and management of the organisation. You will also be able to automate most of your manual operations in collecting network data from various sources, as NextGen data centres will make the task easier.

    How is Megamax Playing its Impeccable Role in Offering Network Services and Management?

    At Megamax, we understand that the businesses of the modern era are in desperate need of an upgraded network infrastructure. And that’s mostly because they intend to handle all the booming demands for content that consume high bandwidth. Therefore, we bring to you efficient end-to-end network management services, which is also the need of the hour.

    As the requirements for businesses keep on changing constantly, Megamax continues to offer businesses the NextGen network services and management backed by NextGen data centres as well. With us at your back, you can expect to attain service perks such as:

    • Complete management of the overall network infrastructure and provide you with the provision of ensuring quality experience for the end-users.
    • We will make sure that the NextGen network services roll out faster for you to leverage the benefits of it.
    • We will address and manage all the faults within your system network, ensuring better business performance.

    So, if you are looking forward to attaining ease with respect to integrating network services and management, connect with Megamax today!

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