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    Elevating Priorities: Why Data Centre Monitoring Solutions Should Lead Your IT Infrastructure Management Strategy

    IT Infrastructure Management

    Ensuring your data centre is up and running at all times is the priority for all IT experts. You need to keep it running throughout the year to ensure your customers’ needs are being attended to on priority. As per business experts, a single minute of data centre blackout can lead you to lose thousands of dollars. Take this as a motivation to limit all the incidents that can trigger downtime. Due to this consideration, there’s a very high interest among people in ensuring high uptime. And that’s made possible through data NextGen data centre services. These services primarily include monitoring and reviewing the performance parameters.

    In this article, let’s get a closer look at how data centre monitoring is a priority in today’s business world and how organisations are approaching it.

    Why is Data Centre Monitoring Important?

    Data centres often have multiple safeguards to prevent cyber attacks and data breaches. These measures are of utmost importance for preventing all forms of data centre outages. But intrusions or cyber attacks aren’t the issues you should be concerned about. You need to be concerned about environmental hassles as well, such as extreme temperature or UPS failures.

    To ensure your data centres run efficiently without any troubles or outages, you must monitor environmental factors such as humidity and temperature. It will enable you to act quickly when something goes wrong.

    To be precise, data centre monitoring is the process that enables you to gain visibility and acquire insights into the status or health of your data centres. It will help you track the specific metrics to send timely alerts in real-time and keep a tab on what falls below your set limits.

    When you are monitoring the data centre, the data collected from it can be stored, displayed, or analysed within business intelligence or analytics dashboards. It will help you make data-driven decisions for data centre management. With this approach, you will be able to monitor almost everything about your data centre, starting from door locks to intelligent rack PDUs.

    The detailed list of what you can monitor in your data centre management aspects is as follows:

    • Doors
    • Door locks
    • Sensors of all kinds, including humidity, airflow, smoke, temperature, etc.)
    • Busways
    • UPSs
    • Floor PDUs
    • Remote Power Panels (RPPs)
    • Intelligent Rack PDUs (iPDUs)

    Benefits of Data Centre Monitoring With the Right Service Solutions

    With the trend of big data and analytics services at their peak, the utilisation of data about the data centre is also a priority. To help you understand the potential of data centre monitoring in the present business era, here are some of the benefits for you to count on:

    1. Improved Uptime

    The first and most important benefit of consistent data centre monitoring is to experience improved uptime. The monitoring efforts will run health polling for your data centre, which will be combined with the alerts, notifications, and thresholds to identify and address potential issues. These problems will be fixed before they can lead to unplanned downtime.

    2. Optimising the Utilisation of Capacity

    When you are acquiring real-time data, it provides you with an accurate picture of how your data centre capacity is being used. You will be able to identify the stranded capacity and run forecasts to predict if you will be running out of space anytime soon. In this way, data centre monitoring will help you utilise the resources in the best possible manner.

    3. Enhance People’s Productivity

    You need to manage the devices, analyse the data centre management dashboards and create reports. This will help you make some data-centric decisions for improving the data centre operations. And all of this can be done with just a few clicks over software. Thus, a lot of effort and time will be saved for the employees, which can be used for other productive aspects.

    4. Reduced Risks

    Security audit reports, user management, RFID-enabled door lock cards, and others will ensure your data centre is updated with security compliance. Thus, it will reduce the possibility of any unauthorised access to the data centre operations or management.

    Process of Approaching Data Centre Monitoring

    Data centre monitoring enables you to manage all the devices within your data centres. It will enable you to connect to the devices and collect data from them for further configuration. To establish a connection with the devices, you can make use of HTTP, SNMP, or other such protocols for IP-based networks.

    Some of the things that are involved in the process of approaching data centre monitoring include:

    • It automatically collects real-time data from all the devices, even at the outlet level, through a single interface.
    • You need to set out the environmental and power thresholds on the collected and enable alerts. In this way, you will be made aware when there are any potential issues before they worsen.
    • The polling frequencies will then be configured to the intervals to provide you with meaningful data while maintaining efficient network traffic.
    • Filter out the data visibility aspects to get only the notifications you think are important for your consideration.
    • Analyse all the collected data to determine insights into the operations and capacity forecasting of the data centre.
    • Gain peace of mind about the data centre security with card reader and door lock permissions. With this, only authorised users will be allowed to go into the data centre facilities, while the intruders will be kept out.

    Importance of Data Centre Monitoring For All the Remote Workers

    Remote work has gained importance among organisations since the pandemic, and it is now the new normal! Therefore, it is also mandatory for businesses to understand what remote working culture has to do with data centres. When the company works with a remote team, the direct focus should be creating a network bandwidth sufficient to meet the requirements.

    The upload speeds will be a priority as the employees will be uploading data at the same time to let the network support it. Data centre monitoring is helpful in this scenario, as it would help the respective team members understand when they need to scale their bandwidth or upload speed. Apart from that, security is the next big thing in the remote working culture, which can be addressed by data centre monitoring.

    Megamax Services Are Destined to Help You With Reliable Data Centre Monitoring Services

    At Megamax Services, we have a team of experts who understand data centre operations in a very proficient manner. They will take up your monitoring project to help you understand every bit of the data centre functionalities, contributing to your business performance.

    Following that, our team will take note of specific areas that need improvement and the functions that need consistent monitoring. Keeping that in mind, we will then strategize a plan of approach and identify your business goals associated with the data centre performance.

    If you are on IBM i infrastructure and are thinking about what makes the AS400 system’s need still in demand. The answer to it is the easy scope of data centre monitoring over the AS400 system! Believe it or not, every IT infrastructure should incline towards strengthening its core areas of operation. And the data centre is the powerhouse for most of them! So, get in touch with us today, and we shall help you ensure uptime for your data centre.

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