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    Important Tips for Perfect Android App Development

    Android App Development

    Smartphones and apps go hand in hand. The Google Play store has millions of apps. The number of android apps is increasing by the day. So, if you want your android app to stand out from the rest then you have to design the perfect app.

    Follow these tips to create the best android applications:

    You surely want to create an android app that creates waves in the market. Here are some tips that you can follow for the best mobile application development in India.

    1. Have you named the applications?

    Most of you might be thinking of deciding the name of the app once it is ready. But this is erroneous thinking. Your android app name is going to be the identity of your app on the Google Playstore. You have to decide on the name of the application before you it is ready. For this, you have to take into consideration different factors.

    Consider the use of the app, the impact that it can have on the audiences, the brand image of your company etc. Also, it is always better to decide and reserve the app name. This is a precautionary measure to avoid the duplication of the name.

    2. Are you aware of the android design guidelines from Google?

    Google has set the material design guidelines for android app development. The android mobile application developers in India have to first take a look at these guidelines. These have been laid down so that all the android apps provide a steady UI/UX experience. It helps developers to develop android apps that behave invariably.

    So, before one begins designing android apps it is important to understand these guidelines.

    3. Thorough research is very important:

    When can your android app be a huge success? Only when it fulfils the expectations of the audience. To know what the audiences want you to need to do a lot of research. You have to check the target audience’s feedback about other similar apps. You need to understand how to overcome challenges and provide a customer-centric android app.

    This is possible only when you invest time in research. So before you start with the designing process make sure you do thorough research. You need to understand the android market and then do the development process.

    4. The challenge of shaping the android app:

    Android devices come in different sizes. The screen resolution of different android devices is different. There are new as well as old android versions that are being used. So, when the android app is being designed you have to consider all these aspects. The app has to be compatible with different android devices. It needs to work on new as well as old versions.

    One more aspect to remember is that android users are not willing to spend like ios users. That is ios users are willing to buy premium versions of the app. This is not the case with android users who are looking for freebies and low-cost apps.

    Keeping all these aspects in mind the android app design has to be done. Also, the developer has to keep it simple and must maintain the preferred architecture of the android apps. The demographics of the android apps also have to be considered while designing the app.

    5. Is your android app optimized?

    The success of your app depends on two important factors. One is the size of the app and how much space it occupies on the device. Second is the speed of the android app. If the app is going to occupy too much space then users are more likely to remove the app. If the app is slow and does not respond fast then also your app is bound to fail.

    Therefore ensure that unnecessary variables are not added to the android app. The app must occupy less space the data flow speed has to be excellent if you want the app to be successful. Optimization is very important in mobile application development in India.

    6. Multiple device app development:

    Android apps have the flexibility of being used on different devices. But here it is important to ensure that the app works consistently on different devices of different sizes. To overcome this challenge density-independent pixels have to be used.

    By using dip the android device calculates the number of pixels. This calculation is done automatically by the device and it depends on the size of the screen.

    7. Testing phase-the most important phase of app development:

    The android app is ready but now comes the important phase. That is testing the android app thoroughly. Never miss out on this stage. If the app is released before proper testing then the chances of app failure are high.

    The android app has to undergo the alpha and beta testing phases. All the bugs that are detected in the app have to be corrected. The bugs have to be removed and only the app should be released in the Playstore.

    8. Re-evaluation of the app is important:

    After the app is launched it is important to keep a tab on how the app is performing. You need to measure the success of the app. Take client feedback seriously and re-evaluate the app. You need to work on the aspect of how you can improve the app further. Here critical and innovative thinking is required for improving the app.

    Need the best android app? Then opt for the right android app developer!

    If you want that your android app is excellent then you have to choose one of the best mobile application developers in India. Megamax Services has a dedicated team of competitive android app developers. No matter how complex your android app requirement is this company can live up to your expectations.


    The android app market is fiercely competitive. Follow the above tips for the best app development. Megamax Services is one company that can design the right app for your company.

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