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    AS400 i Series: Your Trusted Partner in Business Applications

    AS400 i Series

    For a good and functional business, business applications and their use are a must. For proper functioning of business applications, you need quick and high-performance computing systems. Firstly, the computing systems that your business chooses should align with the needs and scale of your business.

    You need a versatile and high-performance computing system, which can be the IBM AS400 I Series computer. Secondly, a good and accurate computing system from IBM can completely support any kind of business application with the changing needs of your business. Let us know about the many business applications that you would need for your business to run smoothly.

    Why are business applications necessary for business operations?

    Business applications play a pivotal role in modern organisations, streamlining operations, enhancing productivity, and facilitating strategic decision-making. Moreover, these applications encompass a range of software tools, from customer relationship management systems to enterprise resource planning solutions. They automate processes, manage data, and improve communication, fostering efficiency and collaboration. Business applications also enable data-driven insights, empowering organisations to make informed decisions and adapt to dynamic market conditions.

    In today’s technology-driven landscape, leveraging these applications is essential for staying competitive, optimising workflows, and ensuring the overall success and agility of organisations across diverse industries. Since these applications offer services like Mainframe Operation support, your business has support from these application programs in one computing system.

    These days, business owners focus on adopting automated technology and applications that save time. According to studies, 30 percent of business owners are adopting technology that saves them time and improves productivity of the entire workforce. There is also a large section that is adopting technology that specialises in big data analytics.

    Well-built business applications that are true to their purpose can save a lot of time and optimise workflows in businesses. Many businesses, even non-IT businesses, are investing in robust business applications. Such businesses are exploring IBM i 7.5 versions for the most advanced business applications and operations.

    The best business applications for upcoming businesses are as follows-

    Human resource information systems

    Human resource information systems exist to help Human resources professionals who work with employees in the business. Handling and managing employees is a huge task if done without proper help and tools. Handling human resources, storing human resource information and updating the base with new hiring can be difficult without the use of Human Resources Information Systems. The use of HRIS helps alter the pace of administrative processes. The administrative processes can be completed with ease and accuracy at a faster pace with the use of HRIS.

    Multiple processes like recruitment, software management, record keeping and training data storage happen easily with the use of HRIS systems. Such systems run really well on IBM AS400 I Series systems. These computing systems have an advanced power chip that completes a lot of business operations easily. Several of the administrative and clerical tasks can be streamlined with the use of Human resource information systems.

    Inventory Control Systems

    Firstly, Ecommerce companies and retail companies deal with a lot of products and services. These products need to be tracked and stored properly as inventory. Inventory management takes a lot of time and effort if the right tools do not work on it. Therefore, such companies choose good, strong inventory control systems that can automate inventory management processes.

    Secondly, inventory management happens through multiple steps, and all these steps are streamlined with the help of automated tools. Moreover, feature-rich inventory control systems are easy to use and can complete multiple processes at the same time. Finally, you can monitor different parameters of the inventory at any given time with the business applications.

    For example, managers easily take estimates of stock levels and order accordingly. The monitoring of stock levels, stock updates and other steps with existing stock are all processes that inventory control systems take care of. With the use of inventory control systems, by exploring IBM i 7.5 systems, you can protect your inventory and mobilise it for profits. Such systems are highly automated and also help you access inventory data so that the insights help in controlling production and orders. With automated control systems, the employees do not have to do repetitive tasks involving inventory management and mobilisation.

    Communication software

    Let us understand effective communication is the underlying scaffold of successful business operations. Therefore, the choice of communication software that operates across multiple systems is an important decision. Nowadays, when employees work in hybrid and remote work environments, the use of robust communication software is a must. Every organisation, especially mid-sized and large-scale organisations, needs interactive and scalable communication software.

    The first business communication application was the email created in 2008. We have come a long way from then to now. Additionally, communication applications should work closely with the operational workflow and support multiple business conversations for organisational benefit. The communication software can automate conversations and reduce communication gaps between different tiers of the organisation.

    Moreover, communication now works on a cloud-based platform so that all the data related to the operations are stored in a secured space. In fact, the IBM I series computers extend Mainframe Operation Support to the data infrastructure so that there is no halt in information exchange.

    Accounting software

    We know that every organisation and successful business continues high level and high volume transactions. These transactions are difficult to track and control in a manual way. Large-scale companies, therefore, have accounting software that tracks the spending and profits of the business. Firstly, the accounting software works easily with the organisational workflow.

    Secondly, it collects all financial information and maintains the accounting records. What the accountant used to do in a manual way and took a long time is now quick and easy with accounting software. Thus, such software applications are a great support for the accounting team.

    The accounting team does a great job of tracking the financial performance of the business on various parameters. The software also tracks real-time expenses and keeps their record. The accounting software also has an in-built reporting mechanism which creates professional-level financial reports.

    Accounting software is an asset of the finance and accounting department of a business. Such simple software from the fintech sector helps in tracking the financial performance of the business. The software plays a major role in maintaining the profitability of the organisation.

    Customer relationship management solutions

    CRM solutions are versatile in nature and deploy across different industry verticals. The customer service management solutions help in managing customer demands and needs. Sales-oriented companies are the biggest users of CRM solutions. IBM computers like AS400 support the integration of multiple CRM solutions.

    The proper usage of CRM solutions enhances the customer experience extended in the field. The CRM solutions create a complete brand-customer relationship for brand promotions. The customer service team can offer a large number of digital services to customers with CRM solutions.

    These are some of the business applications that most modern companies use with strong computing systems. Business computing and applications are of great use for organisations. The investment in business computing systems and business applications has a high ROI in profitability. Versatile and scalable computing systems like the AS400 I series will work for decades without facing any major issues. Create a seamless business operational workflow with the use of IBM AS400 I series systems.

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