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    Email Security: Strengthening Cybersecurity with Comprehensive Cyber Security and Data Privacy Services

    Most businesses rely majorly on email for their primary communications, which involves sharing classified documents, account details, confidential information, or employee credentials. But, many business owners miss out on emphasising email protection while implementing cyber security and data privacy services. And that can cause serious repercussions.

    A 2023 statistic, it is stated that nearly 1.2% of all emails being sent are malicious. Thus, to give you a perspective, this percentage is equivalent to around 3.4 billion phishing emails being exchanged every day. A few might have landed in the official mail inbox of your employees as well. 

    Even the smallest of negligent actions by the employees can break the security and safety of the organisation and compromise cybersecurity attempts. Therefore, ensuring email security is equally important while establishing your business infrastructure. Read this article till the end to learn more about email security and how it can be implemented. 

    Understanding the Importance of Email Security For Businesses

    Even in 2023, the threats to email security are rising stupendously. Cybersecurity practitioners believe that email-based attacks, such as social engineering and phishing, are accountable for the most dangerous threats to business systems. 

    Companies should extend their network services and management efforts to implement protection for emails. But in the process, communication proficiency shouldn’t be affected. With email security, organisations can expect to safeguard their business operations from external threats and customers from outbound threats. 

    Unsecured email accounts of businesses are just like an open invitation for attackers to infiltrate your systems through malware. When your employees aren’t aware of email security practices, there’s a chance they might act upon those malicious emails, leading your organisational data to be compromised and causing a full-network impact. 

    Reasons Why Businesses Should Seek High-End Email Security 

    To help you understand the gravity of email security for your business better, here are a few reasons that explain the purpose of such service inclusions:

    1. Protection Against the Phishing Attempts

    Email phishing is one of the oldest cyber threats for businesses. As per a statistic by Techopedia, around 83% of all companies experience a phishing attack on a yearly basis. Not just that, but around 90% of all IT professionals are concerned about email phishing and its adverse impacts. 

    In such attempts, the attackers will be sending deceptive emails to the business employees, which would appear authentic. The email will be designed in a way to lure the victims into taking some actions, such as accessing a link or opening an attachment. In this way, important credentials get compromised, using which the attackers can then gain access to the business systems. 

    With email security embedded with the implementation of next-gen technology and innovation in the cyber security domain, employee inboxes can be protected against these phishing emails. More sophisticated security integration is required to ensure these phishing emails can’t bypass them. 

    2. Ensuring Security of the Email Backups

    A simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server is what enables the senders and recipients to send and receive emails. Every time an email is sent, it will automatically store the same within the SMTP servers in a plain-text format. Thus, it remains vulnerable for cyber attackers to make an attempt to access that information. 

    The email backup thus remains unprotected, which makes it accessible by almost anyone, without the need for decrypting the emails. Therefore, adopting email security for the backup systems is also important to keep out unauthorised users. It will encrypt the data and will offer access control and management. 

    3. Minimising Incidents Due to Employee Errors

    A lot of cyber attacks are resulting due to employee mistakes associated with poor credential management and lack of awareness. Regardless of how the incident occurs, the mistakes can result in unwanted consequences, keeping you vulnerable to business operational impacts, loss of confidence in the market, and ransom. 

    Thus, such incidents can lead your business to experience devastating outcomes, which might begin harmlessly at first. The employees might just accidentally share their sensitive information via email, which will not just compromise the individual’s data, but the entire organizational information will become vulnerable to exploitation. 

    How to Implement Email Security For Businesses?

    If you are convinced on the fact that you will need email security for your business operations, alongside other cyber security practices, then here are a few steps that professionals would suggest you:

    1. Use Strong Passwords

    Now, this is a very basic yet important part of securing your organizational email accounts. Ask the employees to set up a strong email password. You must impose a strong policy for all employees to not just set a strong and unguessable password but also to reset it in a specified period of time. 

    2. Promote Security Awareness

    Let your employees be aware of what email security is and what risks they are being trained to stay alert for. With this, you can train your employees to identify potentially suspicious emails and avoid clicking on them before reporting the same to supervisors or any higher authorities. 

    3. Make Use of Encryption

    Unencrypted emails are often vulnerable to phishing attacks and might cause serious data breach issues. Therefore, you ought to hire professionals and get your organizational emails encrypted for safely sending sensitive documents or information via email. 

    4. Use Modern Email Systems

    The hackers will use sophisticated methods to obtain access to sensitive information within your email inbox. Therefore, it is important to keep the email systems patched and updated with the latest software solutions. A good anti-virus will also be helpful in preventing trojans, malware, and other such potential threats.

    Let Megamax Services Give You Outstanding Email Security Solutions!

    Megamax Services is your one-stop hub to help you implement email security from the roots. We will be securing the email gateways and enabling API-based protection for your organizational emails. 

    Following that, we will also be providing you with anti-phishing protection, data loss prevention, malware blocking, account takeover prevention, and other such protective measures. We have the right combination of modern-day tools and experienced professionals to look after the all-around cyber security of your business system. 

    If you want better clarity on our email and other cybersecurity services, then get in touch with us today, and we shall discuss your detailed requirements. 

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