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    The Evolution of Outsourcing: A Managed Services Report on iSeries AS400 in India

    As of today, businesses are outsourcing their service requirements in three domains, including IT, finance, and payroll. Deloitte’s report on Global Shared Services and Outsourcing, a survey with 600 respondents, concluded the same. Adopting cloud technology has been a great motivator for facilitating these outsourcing approaches.

    Over time, IT infrastructure management has been a core consideration for businesses. In that quest, businesses have evolved to hire more sophisticated managed service providers to look after their IT operations and ensure productivity and seamless operations.

    Keeping that in mind, we are here to help you with insights into how managed services outsourcing has evolved over time to help businesses scale immensely. Following that, we will also educate you on the benefits of outsourcing the popular and efficient IBMi AS400 system.

    Outsourcing is No More An Option, But A Necessity

    Gone are the days when outsourcing was considered as an option for investment. As of today, it is a necessity for companies to control business costs and save money in the long run. The global IT outsourcing market is predicted to grow by a whopping sum of $98 billion by the end of 2024.

    Among all the companies, IBM is leading the idea of providing you with a managed infrastructure with its iSeries AS400. Moreover, IBM holds the record for enabling businesses to save billions every year in terms of supply chain savings and millions in terms of productivity improvement.

    But it isn’t just about saving money; even when you are working with iSeries AS400, you still need a perfect team to manage your entire infrastructure to stay aligned with your business goals. In this way, the businesses free themselves from the strenuous IT management tasks and focus on expanding their services and goods to establish a better business network.

    Even big tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Skype, Slack, and Google prefer outsourcing their IT infrastructure to managed service providers.

    Potential Reasons Why Managed Services Outsourcing Became A Thing!

    Saving money was one important reason managed service outsourcing was quite adaptable for a long time. But as of today, outsourcing IT functions to save business costs is a secondary fact. In contrast, the first reason is accessing the skillsets beyond geographical boundaries, which cannot be made available in-house.

    Around 44% of the CIOs say they are more likely to outsource their IT functions today than they believed five years ago. Among all the sectors, managed services outsourcing for IT functions is leading the industry, prioritizing software development, application maintenance, and data center optimization services.

    The second big reason that has supported the evolution of outsourcing is the shortage of the right talent. Hiring in-house team members when the count of qualified candidates has reduced drastically within a geographical boundary. Therefore, companies prefer outsourcing service providers to get the right talent without spending a lot of bucks.

    Outsourcing agencies are pretty good at attracting top talents to their firms to ensure customer satisfaction. They have the capabilities to provide you with competitive results.

    Benefits of Outsourcing Your iSeries AS400 Administration

    If your business is running on IMBi infrastructure and is willing to save the expenses of hiring in-house resources for environmental management, you ought to leverage the potential of outsourcing.

    Megamax Services is one of the best experts in the industry that offers you maintenance, support, and handling services for the AS400 administration. To help you better understand the potential of seeking to outsource the IBMi series infrastructure, here are some of the benefits for you to consider:

    1. Enhanced Business Productivity

    One of the biggest perks for you to outsource your Infra & AS400 systems is productivity. You will enable your business to speed up the overall workflow and fix all loopholes to support the race to generate more revenue. Your team will be more dedicated towards core business tasks, as the load of managing the IBMi system infrastructure will be eased. Moreover, the backup, recovery, and support solutions associated with your iSeries AS400 infrastructure will be handled proficiently.

    2. Increase Your ROI

    If you rely on IBM ISeries AS400 in India for your business system or infrastructure, you are already a step closer to generating high revenue. But without optimal maintenance and management, the efficiency of this system might wear out. Therefore, you must hire managed service providers to increase your chances of earning high revenue by handling all the IBM landscape operations in association with your business.

    3. High Availability and Security

    The professionals we assign for your iSeries AS400 management are experts to provide you with ease of executing all the administration tasks with agility and security. There is no chance of any compromise on the security aspects of the IBMi ecosystem. Furthermore, the experts will also be executing advanced-level operations to scale your IBM system and help your business cope with the rising service or operations demands.

    4. Leave Room For Innovation

    IBM experts are aware of the capability of iSeries AS400 and will help you with their dedicated knowledge levels and perspectives. So, in case there’s any kind of technological advancement in association with the IBMi system, these experts will help implement the same for improving your operational efficiency.

    Outsource Your iSeries AS400 IBM Infrastructure With Megamax Services

    Megamax Services is one of the expert agencies that offer managed services outsourcing facilities. Our dedicated experts have proficiency in handling system operations and services for businesses across all industries. We have been working with clients from automobiles, education, finance, retail, and other industries.

    We have a dedicated team of experts to look after your IBM iSeries AS400 infrastructure and system entirely. Starting from monitoring the operations to suggesting improvements, we will be assisting you round-the-clock. Beyond that, we also provide cloud, app development & maintenance, digital, IT automation, big data & analytics, and other such services to help your business stay up in the trend.

    To learn more about our other business solutions, or to discuss your requirements and expectations on iSeries AS400 in India, get in touch with our team of consultants today.

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