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    IT Trends for 2022 and Beyond

    IT Trends

    The world economies are recovering from the unfortunate effects of COVID. Global inflation is on the rise, and the employment rate is going down.

    The Decisions and the investment of resources businesses are gonna make today will decide what opportunities they will unlock for themselves tomorrow. Where some of the well-established and big businesses are collapsing in this new dynamics of the digital world, there are some new startups and businesses that are pivoting themselves with the changes and the global trends and are making their way.

    Here we are pointing out some of the Trends for 2022 that will change the way businesses operate and are here to go beyond 2022.

    Trends in 2022

    Digital Transformation in Everyday life:-

    Due to the Covid pandemic and lockdowns use of digital technologies has gained pace. Organizations of every sector are investing heavily in digital transformation, One of the research found that 60% of the organizations have increased their investment in digital technologies and more than 55% of them changed and adjusted their organizational strategies due to Covid-19.

    Many business CEOs say they need to focus more on their operational flexibility and agility as they believe this transformation is here to stay.

    Technology is the major factor that helps businesses to be more flexible, and more adaptable to changes.

    IoT(Internet of Things), Cloud computing, and AI(Artificial Intelligence) are the leading technologies changing organizational ways and bringing in results.

    Human Resource is Scare and Valuable:-

    According to a management consulting firm called Korn Ferry, there could be 85 million jobs unfilled globally by 2030 due to a lack of skilled talent. A talent shortage could cost about  $162 billion in lost revenue each year.

    With work-from-home being adopted by companies, this virtualization of work has provided companies with an opportunity to acquire global talent but in long run, it alone is not enough.

    Companies have to make internal changes to make their employees feel valued and prioritize their well-being so that they can attract more potential employees.

    In the long term period, the companies which acquire the top talented people and prioritize their human resources will thrive and grow.

    Security and Innovation:-

    With a shift towards online platforms and cloud-based ecosystems, organizations can achieve new opportunities and innovations but are also being exposed to new threats.

    Organizations are more vulnerable to security threats than ever, more than 90% of cyberattacks happen in the cloud-based ecosystem and 92% of organizations cannot securely enable and establish a new cloud ecosystem with their internal and external partners.

    Organizations need to evolve their security practices in this cloud-computing era. Organizations with better cloud security practices have outperformed their competitors by 2 times, both in revenue and profit.

    Sustainability is the priority:-

    The pandemic has made people more concise about their choices. They are more inclined toward sustainable brands or companies. 4 out of 5 people are now prioritizing sustainability, wellness, and health and they are willing to pay more to protect people and the planet.

    The organization here has opportunities to connect with consumers by adapting to this new trend of 2022 by being transparent and clear about its sustainability policies.

    Organizations should provide detailed and transparent information to their purpose-driven consumers so that they can bridge this communication gap and show their customers that they care about a sustainable and clean planet. 

    Paths to follow these Trends:-

    Focus on your purpose:-

    Communicate your values, and build a strong relationship of trust and transparency with your customers, employees, and other partners. Set your targets for achieving environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

    Keep your employees’ financial, mental, and physical well-being your top priority.


    To capitalize on these digital transformations, organizations need to invest in upskilling their talent and bringing human-technology collaboration into the organization. Be more active toward security and innovation by adopting a zero-trust approach. And identifying the key areas where you are lagging and taking steps to build a strong cloud ecosystem.


    Organizations need to continuously make efforts to find the best mix of technology to serve their purpose. The global transformations are continuous and to keep up with them, organizations also have to be more flexible and agile.

    Maintenance and Management of IT in Ontario:-

    Megamax is a complete IT infrastructure maintenance and management service provider in Ontario. With our expert talent, tool, and experience we help businesses to manage and run their IT infrastructure effectively.

    We understand the need for IT automation and cloud services for any organization to stay ahead of its competitors therefore, Our next-gen innovative technological services help businesses to be more flexible, innovative, and capable of delivering a high-end customer experience.

    Our Maintenance and Management of IT services in Ontario include:-

    • Digital Workplace Services
    • NextGen Datacenter Services
    • NextGen Network Services
    • Cyber Security and Data Privacy Services
    • iSeries and Mainframe Services

    IT Support and Services in Canada:-

    Megamax is a leading IT support and service provider in Canada. We develop IT infrastructure solutions to help you speed up your innovation, respond to changing needs, and manage IT operations. As we all know, last decade’s IT was different from years before. These NextGen offerings will help firms become more flexible with their business strategies toward achieving customer satisfaction through technology-driven flexibility and security.

    We help organizations to make effective use of AI, IoT, and machine learning incorporation into their operations to achieve their organizational goals.

    Our IT Support and Services in Canada offer:-

    Digital Workplace Services:

    Megamax’s DWS solution for clients is aligned with its vision of a consumption-based/outcome-based workplace model. Furthermore, the Right-Fit Business Aligned Model for Workplace helps our customers not just be aligned with their business objectives but also helps them rationalize the IT landscape of their work efficiently.

    NextGen Datacenter Services:

    We encourage clients to consider adopting next-generation data center management systems for hybrid IT. We work with large enterprises, specifically in the healthcare industry right now, but we love working with a variety of companies.

    These new technologies provide organizations freedom to manage their infrastructure while also providing data center users access to securely delivered services and experiences. Our services include process automation and service orchestration, which will become increasingly important in today’s business climate.

    NextGen Network Services:

    Megamax offers experience-driven service delivery that utilizes powerful tools. Our total network transformation solutions demonstrate a worldwide reputation and are acknowledged by major OEM companies and telecommunication customers.

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